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University A-Z

This list contains all study-related terms, counseling and information services in alphabetic order.

This list contains all study-related terms, counseling and information services in alphabetic order. You can either search alphabetically or by entering keywords in the search field.

University A-Z

Academic Advisors

The academic advisors will help you with all questions on study organization, examinations and deadlines.

Addiction Counseling

Addictions to substances or activities could quickly jeopardize your studies.

Admissions Office

Study formalities such as: Application and admission, enrolment, change of degree programs, leave of absence, re-registration, exmatriculation or fees and charges. Stuttgart provides mentors to pupils and students who are the first in their families to pursue a university degree, helping them with all study-related issues.

BAföG – Study Funding

Students and prospective students can apply for study funding at the BAföG Office of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

Career Guidance for Students of Social Sciences and the Humanities: STUDIES – INTERNSHIPS – CAREER (STUDIUM – PRAKTIKUM – BERUF)

It is never too soon for students of social sciences and the humanities to start thinking about their future careers. Studies - Internships - Career will help you reach a decision.

Certificate for Higher Education Didactics for Doctoral Students

Doctoral students at the University of Stuttgart can enhance and expand their teaching skills with workshops and practical counseling sessions at the Center for Higher Education Didactics HDZ.

Certificates of Academic Achievement according to §48 BAföG

Certificates of academic achievement according to §48 BAföG are issued by the Faculty Representatives at the University of Stuttgart.


Children of students are admitted to the day care centers and toddlers’ groups of the Studierendenwerk and STUPS e.V. from the age of six months. The Service University & Family provides comprehensive information about childcare.

Commissioner for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

The Commissioner for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses provides information, counseling and support for students and prospective students to realise their studies.

Contact Persons for the Degree Programs

All degree programs provide contact persons for the students, fulfilling different tasks within the degree program and the faculty.

Counseling on AIDS

Two organizations in Stuttgart offer counseling on AIDS.

Cross Cultural Mentoring

International students are given the opportunity to discuss all issues on living and studying in Germany with their personal mentors.

Deans of Studies

Deans of Studies ensure that the courses offered meet all requirements of the study regulations and that the course can be completed within the standard period of study.

Degree Program Managers

The Degree Program Managers are in charge of the quality assurance of the single degree programs. They ensure the implementation of examination regulations and module handbooks by coordinating the curricula of the different degree programs and maintain a regular flow of information within the department.

Emergency Medical Services

Hospitals, dental emergency services, and the poison emergency number provide help in case of an emergency in the evening, on weekends, or on public holidays.

Employment Agency Stuttgart - Academic Careers Team

The Academic Careers Team provides advice on questions concerning the choice of degree programs and possible alternative options, career entry, labor market, and training opportunities.


With the enrollment your are officially signed up as a student at the University of Stuttgart

Examination Office

Please contact the Examination Office for examination registrations, examination regulations, transcripts of records, or notifications of illness.

Extra curricular studies (Studium Generale)

The extra curricular studies (Studium Generale) coordinate interdisciplinary studies aimed at broadening students' horizons and nurturing their artistic interests.

Gender Equality Office

The Gender Equality Office is committed to the actual enforcement of equal rights for women and men, and provides advice and information for students and university staff with family responsibilities as well as funding opportunities for female students and junior academics.

German language courses - qualified intercultural training

Preparatory language courses, TestDaF exam, summer language courses, intensive programs

Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart (GRADUS)

The Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart (GRADUS) is the central institution at the University of Stuttgart for the promotion of early career researchers and offers a wide range of qualifications, information, counseling and mentoring services.


Students can apply for accommodation in a student residence (located close to the campuses).

International Students – Incoming Students

The International Office (IO) helps international students, doctoral students and guest lecturers with completing formalities, provides information on financial and social issues of living in Germany, and answers general questions about studying.

Learning Counseling in the Student Counseling Center

Better academic results, less effort and less stress in your studies: Our workshops and counseling sessions will help you optimize your learning study patterns.

Leave of Absence

In special cases, students may request leave of absence

Legal Advice

Students in need of advice and support in legal matters can get a free initial consultation at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg – The Bridge to Academic Studies

You want to close your knowledge gaps in the STEM fields (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology)? The MINT-Kolleg supports freshmen and prospective students during the introductory phase.

Mechanical Engineering Center (MEC), Joint Commission Mechanical Engineering (GKM) at the University of Stuttgart

You are interested in the Mechanical Engineering programs at the faculties 4 and 7? Our contact persons at the Mechanical Engineering Center will answer questions about the degree program, changing degree programs, placement in a higher semester, examinations, or mentoring.


The Ombudsperson is a neutral and confidential contact person for all members of the university who wish to be supported in conflicts that occur in the field of teaching.

Pregnant Students: Pregnancy Counseling

Do you need advice on the reconciliation of pregnancy and studies, pregnancy in general, parenthood, pregnancy conflicts, relationships, and sexuality?

Psychological Counseling

If you're struggling with the loss of close family members, relationship issues, social or financial issues, loneliness, fears of failure, a lack of self-esteem, feelings of guilt, or a depressive disorder, you should think about seeking professional advice.

Psychological Emergency Services

Psychological emergencies can push people to their limits. The city of Stuttgart has set up a crisis service for acute emotional and interpersonal emergencies.

Psychotherapeutic Counseling at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Do you suffer from work difficulties, examination anxiety, performance pressures, a lack of self-esteem, motivational problems, writer's block, relationship issues, problems with social contact, or a depressive disorder?

Sexual harassment

The university management has appointed official contact persons to handle cases of sexual discrimination, harassment or assault. Any information you might wish to share with them will be treated confidentially. They are there to discuss possible courses of action and to inform you about where you can find support.

Social Counseling at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Help with social and economic concerns, in emergencies, for any issues concerning your child, for disabled and chronically ill students, for international students

Student Congregations in Stuttgart

The Student Congregations in Stuttgart offer pastoral care and individual counseling, special support for foreign students, exchange programs, recreational activities, and religious services.

Student Counseling Center (ZSB)

Whether you are interested in studying, just started a degree program, are in the middle of your studies or already planning your career: The Student Counseling Center is the central information point for all current and prospective students. It provides information and advice on all study-related questions.

Student Representatives of the degree programs - students advise students

The student representations of the single degree programs are administered by the students themselves. They advise students and prospective students and provide information on the degree program, taking up studies, and useful tips on all aspects of study.

Study Abroad Counseling – Outgoing Students

Our Study Abroad Counseling team will support you in planning, preparing and completing your stay abroad.

Study Funding

Apart from being financially supported by their parents or receiving BaföG payments, students can also apply for study loans, credits, or scholarships.

Study Guides

Study Guides provide confidential and voluntary counseling to all students who received an invitation letter from the Examination Office because they may be having difficulties with their studies.

Studying with family: Service Uni & Familie

The Service Uni & Familie is the first contact point for all university members, students, and employees on the reconciliation of studies or career and family.


The Student Union of the University of Stuttgart

Teacher Education Center (ZLB)

The Teacher Education Center is responsible for the organizational and structural aspects of academic teaching qualification programs as well as for matters of quality assurance in teacher education.

Technology Transfer Initiative GmbH (TTI) at the University of Stuttgart

The TTI GmbH provides information on company establishment, e.g. the design of a business plan, access to federal or state funds, use of university resources as well as the establishment of a transfer and founding company under the aegis of the TTI.

Tutor Qualification

Do you want to start acquiring teaching experience as a student? Then become a tutor and take advantage of the qualification at the Center for Education and Qualifications (ZLW).


Several organizations provide information and support for victims of violence, their families, and people wanting to help.


Zu Beginn des Studiums gibt es verschiedene Vorkurse, um den Studieneinstieg zu erleichtern.

Welcome Campus

Counseling for refugees who are interested in studying as well as for university facilities.

Writing Center

Targeted help in writing academic German or English texts


Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

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