Fees and Charges

An overview of the fees and charges which students of the University of Stuttgart have to pay.
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The Land of Baden-Württemberg has introduced tuition fees for a second degree (650 EUR / semester) and for international students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country (1500 EUR / semester). Further information is published here:
Tuition fees for international students and for a second degree

The following fees and charges are levied at the University of Stuttgart (the respective current legislations and fee statutes apply):

Fees and Charges

Administrative fee EUR 70.00
Student Services fee EUR 96.50

For joint degree students with the University of Hohenheim: Student Services fee and VVS-StudiTicket solidarity fee

EUR 124.45
Student body fee students EUR 7.50
Student body fee doctoral students EUR 1.00
Tuition fee for students from non-European countries EUR 1500.00
Tuition fee for a second degree EUR 650.00
Guest auditors EUR 150.00
Pupils, students of other universities, unemployed persons, welfare recipients, service providers, severely disabled persons EUR 40.00
Members of the Society of Friends of the University of Stuttgart e.V. EUR 130.00
Pupils, students of other universities, unemployed persons, welfare recipients, service providers, severely disabled persons EUR 30.00

The fee is charged each semester. Please also review the information for Guest Auditors.

Late payment fee:

  • Delayed payment of semester fees or study fees: EUR 20.00

Issuing a replacement student ID:

  • Replacing ECUS cards that are no longer readable/useable, but are not optically or mechanically damaged: free of charge
  • Replacing ECUS cards that have been optically or mechanically damaged or replacing lost ECUS cards: EUR 15.00

Certificates for enrolled students:

  • Copying and authenticating photocopies of original documents for university purposes (copies will be retained): free of charge
  • Authentication of documents issued by the University of Stuttgart (no more than 3 copies): free of charge

Certificates for unenrolled students (including postage):

  • Issuing confirmation of student status or exam certificates: EUR 15.00
  • Issuing certificates from archived documents/files: EUR 60.00
  • Issuing certificates from the University of Stuttgart in English, particularly translations of grades in Diploma study programs (usually certificates, certificate of final grades, transcripts) in English: EUR 60.00
  • Issuing a replacement document for certificates, certificates of final grades, transcripts/Diploma Supplement: EUR 60.00
  • Posting references and certificates to third parties (employers, other universities, or other institutions): additional fee EUR 10.00

Appeals and rejections with the right to appeal:

  • Rejection of an appeal, depending on the complexity, up to EUR 1,000.00, but at least: EUR 60.00

This list of fees is based on the University of Stuttgart’s fee schedule from March 1, 2021.

In addition, the University can charge fees for special services. This applies especially to additional administrative activities (e. g. replacement documents, late payment fine) and for offerings that are not covered by study or examination regulations (e. g. university sports). You can review the fees based on private law with the relevant institution (e. g. university sports).

Official acts performed in relation to military, civilian, or development service as well as pension calculation are free of charge.

In justified cases an application for fee exemption can be made (however, not for the administrative fee).

You can review the complete fee statute of the University of Stuttgart, amendments and further fee statutes (e. g. for language courses) in the Official Notes.

The respective current legislations and fee statues apply.

The extra-occupational Master’s study programs are fee-based. The costs are published in the Official Notes and on the study program's website.

All continuing Master's degreee programs

Information on general fees (semester fee)

The semester fee comprises the Administrative fee, the Student Services fee and the Student Council fee. It is collected for the enrollment and for each semester and has to be transferred to the bank account of the University of Stuttgart. Currently it amounts to EUR 174.00 for students and EUR 167.50 for doctoral students.

The administrative fee of currently 70.00 Euro has to be paid every semester for administrative services. The obligation to pay arises with the application for enrollment or with the start of the respective semester without the need for a notification of fees.

The administrative fee is also payable for a semester of leave. It has not to be paid by

  • International students who are enrolled at the University of Stuttgart under a university partnership (incl. Erasmus program);
  • Dual enrollees who have paid the administrative fee at their primary university (e. g. Fine Arts Academy, Music Academy). Proof of payment in the form of a matriculation certificate of the primary university must be presented before enrollment / re-registration at the University of Stuttgart can be finalized.

If one of the above exemptions applies to you please indicate this informally in writing at the time of enrollment and also attach the necessary evidence.

Legal foundation:

The fee paid to the Stuttgart Student Services is a solidarity fee. Every student pays this fee each semester and so contributes pro rata to the basic funding of the services provided by the relevant Student Services as well as significantly to social leveling. This is true even if the student is not able to or does not wish to use the services provided (e. g. during semesters abroad or on leave, pregnancy/parenting leave, illness).

The Stuttgart Student Services fee currently amounts to EUR 96.50 and is due at enrollment / re-registration. The student services fee is also payable by students on a leave of absence.

Legal foundation and further information:

The student body of the University of Stuttgart levies a fee of currently 7.50 Euro (students) and 1.00 Euro (doctoral students) per semester on every enrolled student (§ 60, subs. 1, sent. 1 LHG) and enrolled doctoral student (§ 38, subs. 5, sent. 1 LHG) to fund its administrative operations. The fee becomes due to enrollment / re-registration and is also payable by students on a leave of absence.

Legal foundation (all in German):

Point of contact for questions about student fees and tuition fees


Semester/Tuition Fees

  • Further information
  • Your contact regarding all questions considering semester and tuition fee (e.g. maturity, payment, transfer, exceptions, excemptions, waiver, refund).
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