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Registration and deregistration from exams and graded work

Any exams and graded work must be registered in C@MPUS during the exam registration period.

Please visit the website exam organization for general instructions on exam regulations, cancellation or withdrawel (= deregister), illness notices etc.

On the website uni-stuttgart.de/loslegen you will find a short explanatory video on exam registration.

Exam registration

The best way to register your exam is via the application My Study Program.

1. Find Exam

Open the My Study Program application and switch to the Curriculum view.

In the case of multiple degree programs such as the Bachelor of Arts, please select the subject in which you would like to register the exams in My Study Program via Show My Degree Progammes.

curriculum with icon with arrow to open the registration mask
Step 1: Opening the registration mask via curriculum
Selection of the desired exam

In the application My Study Program you can click on the item Node filter (all) in the navigation menu and there on the filter Exam date to display "only" exam nodes.

You will now directly see all exams that are currently offered in this study programme. Click on the plus sign in front of the desired exam.

You can see to which module type (e.g. core modules, base modules) your exam belongs to by clicking on the three dots in front of the plus button.

2. To registration

You will see all the organizational information of the exam. Click on the button Go to exam registration at the desired exam.

Organizational information and the button "Go to exam registration"
Step 2: Organizational information and the button "Go to exam registration"

3. Execute registration

You can now see a summary of your exam registration. You are only registered for the exam after confirming again by clicking on the Register button.

Button Exam Registration
Step 3: Execute registration

Good advice: check Curriculum context

In the Curriculum Context area, you can see in which context you can register the exam. In some study programs it is possible to register an exam or a module in different contexts (e.g. as an elective module in elective area A or elective area B).

In combined degree programs, an examination in subject 1 can be assigned to an elective module that is a compulsory module in subject 2. In this case, it must be ensured that the examination in subject 2 is registered for the compulsory module, since a module cannot be credited more than once!

4. Confirmation of successful execution

You will receive a confirmation in another window if the registration was successful.

Result of the registration process
Step 4: Result of the registration process

In addition, please check via the printout of your transcript of records whether your registered exam appears there.

Deregister or re-register from a exam

We recommend using the application My Examination Dates to deregister or re-register from an exam. 

Please be aware that there is a deadline for deregistration.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only deregister exams online via C@MPUS within the deregistration period. If you have already exceeded the deregistration deadline, deregistration can only take place upon request.

A request for approval of cancellation can be downloaded via the app My Requests.

You can see whether an exam is managed decentrally or centrally in the "My Examination Dates" application in C@MPUS.

If you tried to withdraw from an exam online in C@MPUS within the withdrawal period and the withdrawal did not work, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • The exam is a mandatory repeat examination
  • The examiner has not recorded an exam date in C@MPUS (e.g. for oral exams), so the system cannot calculate a withdrawal deadline
  • This is a course-related examination (deregistration only possible within the exam registration period)

In these cases, you must generate a request for exam withdrawal in C@MPUS. You will find the withdrawal form in C@MPUS under "My Requests". In cases 1 and 3, the withdrawal must be approved by the relevant examination board.

If point 2 applies, the examiner must confirm the exam date on the withdrawal form with his/her signature. In this case, please contact the examination office in plenty of time within the withdrawal period.

Answers to these questions, as well as other important information about deadlines and dates, can be found on the Registration and Examination Dates webpage.



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