Certificate of retirement pension

Everything you need to be aware of when applying for a state pension certificate for the years spent in higher education.

If you require a retirement pension certificate for your pension account clarification for years spent in higher education, we are happy to send this to you.

If you can still log in to C@MPUS with your st account, you can download the certificate yourself (as well as proof of unenrollment and study progress certificates) using the application "My study program and performance certificates".

If you no longer have access to C@MPUS, or your graduation was a long time ago, please fill out the "Certificate of Retirement Pension" application form and send it to us, together with a scan/picture of your passport or identity card using our contact form. It is important to include your surname (and the name you had when you studied at university, if applicable), first name, date and place of birth. Further information, such as your student ID number, the period of study and date of graduation make it easier for us to help you. Please don't forget to include your current address if you graduated before 2015.

We will process your application as quickly as possible. However, it can take several weeks to process the application if you graduated a long time ago.



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