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You can download study certificates, payment confirmations and other certificates directly from C@MPUS.

In C@MPUS there are some applications with which you can get an overview of your achievements and studies and print them out as a certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can also download the most important certificates in English in C@MPUS. As a rule, certificates that are available in two languages are issued one after the other in one document. Therefore, please always scroll to the end of the certificate to see the English version.

The documents you requested have been completed. The documents can be downloaded in the app My requested documents on C@MPUS.

C@MPUS sends these e-mails when a document has been retrieved and this takes a little longer or if the generation and download window is closed too early.

My certificates and transcripts (app)

What can I use this for?

The app allows you to download various certificates that do not need to be certified by the Student Services and Examinations Office as PDFs. All certificates available for download are valid without signature.

If you need a certificate for the orphan's pension fund (Waisenrentenkasse), or if a normal certificate or transcript is not sufficient, please contact your administrator in the Student Services and Examinations Office.

Please always download your certificates and save them locally, as you will no longer be able to access C@MPUS and your certificates after completing your degree.

Which documents are stored here?

You can download the following documents:

Certificates of Enrollment:

  • Certificate of Enrollment with different levels of detail
  • Certificate of enrollment for BAföG student grants (more information about Transcripts in accordance with §48 BAföG)
  • Supplementary form for the ECUS student ID card
  • Study progress certificate
  • Confirmation of payment of the semester fees and payments
  • Certificate of retirement pension
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Certificate of de-registration (after completing your degree, or de-registration has been officially recorded)

Confirmations of Achievement

  • Transcript of Records (Alles)
    This document lists all achievements, registrations, withdrawals and failed attempts to date. The overview is suitable for submission to the examination board or also for submission for the BAföG certificate. In addition, it is also suitable for the application in case of an intended change of university during the studies.
  • Transcript of Records (only PA) for DStip-Applications
    This document contains only the modules completed so far. Partial achievements of modules that have not been completed are not displayed. This certificate is suitable for applying for the Deutschlandstipendium (DStip) and for applications to companies. It is not suitable for applications to universities.
  • Certificate
    Using the drop-down menu under the Study program column, you can select individual exams you have completed and print a certificate. However, please note that this is currently only possible for courses and key qualifications of the Language Center!

Transcripts (app)

What can I use this for?

This application is an extension of the application My Certificates & Transcripts and provides you with the possibility to download various confirmations of achievements in PDF format.

Which documents are stored here?

In the first section Transcript / Certificate you can click on the printer symbol in the first column to download a Transcript of record (only positive results). The transcript only contains the exams you have successfully taken with grades and ECTS points.

By clicking on the printer symbol under the column "Grades obtained so far", a document opens which contains your passed modules, ECTS points and your intermediate grade.

More information on the available documents under section Confirmations of Achievements can be found in the instructions for the app My Certificates.

My Achievements (app)

What can I use this for?

The application provides you with an overview of your achievements during your degree, including exam results and recognized achievements.


Once you have opened the app, you can filter the displayed results, for example, by entering the exam number or the exam title.

You can define additional filters using the blue "filter" button on the right side.

To the left of the filter button is a button Leistungen-Seite that allows you to switch directly to the Transcripts app.


The overview list shows the examination results, examination number and examination title, and the date of the examination. It is also indicated whether the examination is still being graded (if this is the case, rote Uhr Icon "in progress" appears in red) or if this has already been completed ("valid result" grünes Häkchen Icon appears in green).

You can print out the list using the printer icon Drucker Symbol on the right-hand side of the page. Individual transcripts are only available for courses/ assessments recorded at the Language Center.

You can access the detailed view by clicking on the exam title, or on the arrow on the right side.

The following areas are displayed in the detailed view:

  • Status
  • Evaluation
  • Examinations
  • Study program
  • Details of examination attempts

You also have the option to print out your transcripts by clicking on the "print" button to the left (only for courses/assements from the Language Center).



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  • Please contact the Student Service and Examination Office via our contact form, phone or during our office hours (onsite or online).
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