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Internships, mentoring and getting on the career ladder

Options after your university studies

Studying for a degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities to you. The University of Stuttgart supports you with events, information pages, consulting services, and programs such as StartScience or Femtec which are specially for women.

A range of career paths and professional opportunities are available to you after completing a university education. In addition to the typical career paths, there are also examples of former students who have gone into completely different fields which are often far removed from the subjects they studied. With internships you can expand your horizons even before graduating, while the networking opportunities for female students such as StartScience or Femtec offer some interesting insights and possibilities.

The alumni network organizes career events and gives advice on pursuing an academic career. Job opportunities can be seen on stellenwerk, the university job portal.

Choosing a career: helpful external websites

Career information portal

The career information portal on the Agentur für Arbeit website includes a wide range of information on study programs and training courses, occupations and career paths, admission requirements, alternatives, job market perspectives, further training opportunities, additional links to relevant associations etc.

Berufenet [de]


Apprentices, students, teachers and employers report on their training courses or study programs as well as their prospects in the job market in the short films on the website run by the Agentur für Arbeit.

Films on [de]

Advice on career opportunities


Student Counseling Center (ZSB)

Pfaffenwaldring 5c, 70569 Stuttgart




Advice on starting your career [de]

  • Further information
  • Advice from the Agentur für Arbeit (German Federal Employment Agency), also at the University of Stuttgart.
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