Scholarships and foundations

This page offers a brief overview of where to apply for a scholarship or find a foundation that will finance your studies.

Scholarships and foundations offer a good possibility for at least partial financing of your studies. To obtain funding, you do not always need a transcript with top grades. There are scholarships and foundations that will also support you for your competencies, such as in journalism, or in another area, such as having extensive international experience.

The adjacent box contains some links that will help you with general information about regional and national scholarships and foundations. The following is a detailed of potential sources of support and currently designated contacts for each.

Germany Scholarship
The Germany Scholarship is awarded for academic performance. Besides marks above average, the proof of at least one additional criterion is required.The scholarship amounts to 300 € per month, half of which is financed by a sponsor and the other half by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Avicenna Academic Scholarships [de]
For muslim undergraduates and doctoral studentes

Baden-Württemberg Scholarship [de]
Financing of studies abroad for University of Stuttgart students

Student financial assistance provided by the Catholic Church in Germany
Liaison lecturer at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. Markus Stroppel

For talented and underprivileged students in all fields who made their abitur in Old Württemberg (1963 state).
Further information and application form [de] (PDF)

Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Academic Foundation (ELES) [de]
Support for outstanding Jewish students

Evangelical Academic Foundation e.V.  
Liaison lecturer at the Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences: Prof. Karl Georg Degen

Friedrich Ebert Foundation e.V. [de]
Liaison lecturer at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. Rudolf Large and Dr. Christine Heinke

Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Liaison lecturer at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. Christina Escher-Weingart

Hans Böckler Foundation
Liaison lecturers at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. Holger Jeske, Prof. Reinhold Nickolaus, Dr. Christina Wege

Heinrich Böll Foundation
Liaison lecturer at the University of Stuttgart: Dr. Ralph O. Schill

Catholic Academic Services for Immigrants (KAAD)
Liaison lecturer at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. M. Zeitz

Konrad Adenauer Foundation e.V.
Liaison lecturers at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. Stefanos Fasoulas, Prof. Georg Maag

State Graduate Financial Assistance
Information available via e-mail (Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart)
State Graduate Fincancial Assistance Act [de] (14 July 2010)

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Liaison lecturer at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. Michael Weingarten

German Business Foundation (SDW) [de]

Hanns Seidel Foundation
Liaison lecturer: Prof. Rainer Bendel

German Academic Scholarship Foundation e.V.
The foundation assists students who by ability, initiative, and responsible conduct are far above average for their age group. Candidates have to be recommended for acceptance by the foundation. However, you can apply directly by taking a screening test. Information on applying via screening test [de].
Liaison lecturers at the University of Stuttgart: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Allgöwer, Prof. Dr. Sibylle BaumbachProf. Dr.-Ing. Stephan ten Brink, Prof. Dr. Gert Denninger, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer HelmigProf. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers, Prof. Dr. Miriam Mehl, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Pedell, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter SchönwandtProf. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Weigand

Stuttgarter Studentenwerk e.V. [de]
The association supports students if funding from public funds is not possible or sufficient.
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Klaus Jan Philipp

VDI Elevate
Financial aid program by the Society of German Engineers for engineering students

Wilhelm Weckherlin Foundation
For talented low-income and deserving students regardless of religion or nationality.
Further information [de] (PDF)

WiWi-Online AG
Scholarships for students of economics and related fields

SBB 'Aufstiegsstipendium' [de]
The financial aid program sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research through SBB assists talented individuals with work experience to obtaining their first university degree with so-called 'advancement scholarships'.

Femtec.Network is a cooperation between leading technical universities and various firms with the Femtec.University Career Center for Women.

Hildegardis Society [de]
The Society supports Christian women with interest-free loans regardless of their specialization and career goals - with special focus on advanced educational stages.

Equal Opportunity Representative

Telekom Foundation: MINT Teaching Scholarships
Scholarships for students preparing to teach mathematics, computer science, physics, primary school history, geography, and science/integrated natural sciences and/or engineering (including NwT).
Apply directly to Deutsche Telekom Foundation before January 15.

College of Further Education of the German Business Foundation (SDW) [de]
Scholarships for the teachers of tomorrow
Apply through Prof. Horst Haberhauer, liaison lecturer at the University of Esslingen

Institute of Promoting Journalistic Talent (IFP) [de]
IFP's training program for individuals training to be journalists while studying is directed towards Catholic students in all academic specialties who want to go into journalism after completing their studies.
Application: every May 31

Journalism Academy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation [de]
The Journalism Academy is a three-year program of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to train journalists while they are still university students.
Application deadlines: January 15 and July 1

Ikimiz-Mentoring [de]
Scholarship and mentoring program by Stuttgart's German-Turkish Forum for outstanding and motivated German-Turkish high school and university students from the Stuttgart region.

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