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Modern foreign languages, Latin for the Latin proficiency certificate (Latinum), German as a foreign language: Find out where you can learn your language of choice.
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Do you want to improve specific language skills because of your studies or learn a new language from scratch? Or do you have a gift for languages with an unquenchable thirst for further language skills? Languages are your key to the world and build bridges between people and cultures.

"One who does not know foreign languages knows nothing of his own.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Maxims and Reflexions, From Art and Antiquity - 1821

Arabic, Chinese, German as a foreign language, English, French, Russian or Spanish: Choose what suits you best from the offers of the University of Stuttgart and external institutions.

Language courses for students at the University of Stuttgart Language Center range from Arabic to Spanish and have special registration periods. Make sure to inform yourself and register in time.

Language Center

You are an international student and interested in German language courses in the DaF (German as foreign language) program? Participate in the courses at various different institutions:

At the University:

External offers (selection):

At the University:

  • Latin courses as part of the interdisciplinary key qualifications (SQ) can be found on the campus-management-system C@MPUS.
  • Please read the information by the Institute of History on Latin courses and acquisition of the Latin proficiency certificate [de].

LatIn Courses: Information (PDF) [de]

External offers (selection):



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