The ECUS student ID card (Electronic Card University of Stuttgart)

Student ID card, digital wallet, library card, key card and much more besides.

Current version with the chip “Mifare DESFire”
Current version with the chip “Mifare DESFire”

ECUS (Electronic Card University of Stuttgart) is the University of Stuttgart’s student ID card. This is a plastic chip card with a passport photo that is issued during enrolment. The card has a RFID chip that can be used for a range of applications and is valid for one semester, issued in tandem with the ECUS stamp.

The ECUS is valid for one semester and is validated with the ECUS stamp, which must be printed out after enrolling/re-registering for the relevant semester on C@MPUS.

General information

There are three versions of the ECUS:

  • Current version 3: Since the summer semester 2018, all newly enrolled students will be given an ECUS with the new corporate design and the chip “Mifare DESFire” (see above).
  • Version 2: Until the winter semester 2017/18, all newly enrolled students received the earlier version of the ECUS with the chip “Mifare DESFire”. This version of the ECUS either has the chip name next to the photo, or a dot after the word “Semestermarke”.
  • Version 1: Until the end of 2013, the ECUS was fitted with the chip “Mifare Classic”. This version of the ECUS was not marked and after the end of the summer semester 2013, this version was only issued as a replacement.

You will receive your student ID (ECUS) by post (if you do not already have one) as part of the enrollment process. However, your ECUS card will only be shipped within Germany. We will only send it once you have entered your German address as your correspondence address (university address) in C@MPUS

ECUS is valid as student identification in conjunction with the ECUS semester stamp, which you must print from your C@MPUS account each semester after you have successfully enrolled and received confirmation of your enrollment.

The ECUS functions have already been activated for the current semester. If you wish to continue to use the functions digital wallet and key card for buildings you must extend the card’s validity at the beginning of each semester. You must re-register to be able to extend the card’s validity. The ECUS can thus only be validated after you have successfully re-registered for the next semester. A further requirement is that the ECUS is not bent, damaged, dirty and is free of stickers.
Please be aware: The ECUS version 1 must be pre-coded before first use so that all functions can be used. This is not necessary for ECUS versions 2 and 3.
Further information about precoding and validation can be found in the "functions" window.

ECUS in combination with an up-to-date ECUS stamp identifies you as a University of Stuttgart student. At the university, this can be used as an identity card, but it is not a replacement for your official identity documents!

Thanks to its integrated RFID chip, the ECUS can be used for the following applications:

  • Digital wallet for the canteen, cafeteria and photocopiers ("paying by chip")
    The ECUS can be used as a digital payment method in the canteen and cafeteria, as well as for scanning, copying and printing on machines from the company Konica-Minolta. In the canteen and cafeterias at Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, all checkouts are equipped with white scanners. To pay, simply lay the ECUS on the scanner until payment has been completed. Photocopiers from the company Konica-Minolta are also equipped with scanners that read the ECUS.
    Please note: The wallet function on ECUS version 1 must be pre-coded by Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. This can be carried out at the Studierendenwerk info-points in the canteens on the Vaihingen and Stadtmitte campuses. Precoding is not necessary for ECUS versions 2 and 3.
    Further information about validation, initialization and topping up your ECUS wallet can be found on the Studierendenwerk webpage (under the headline "Information for students and staff of the University of Stuttgart" at the end of the website).
  • Library ID card
    With the ECUS, you can also borrow books from University of Stuttgart libraries. In order to borrow books from the university library, your UB account number is saved on the ECUS chip, for the libraries belonging to the various institutions the ECUS is used as a form of photo ID.
    Furthermore, if you display a current ECUS card with a ECUS stamp at many other libraries, e.g. the Württembergischen Landesbibliothek, you will also receive a free library card.
  • Key card for buildings and rooms at the university (ECUS-/KABA access system)
    The ECUS has an access application from the company KABA that allows the card to be used as a key card for buildings and rooms at the university. You can enquire on-site which buildings and rooms use this application.
    Please note: The access application for the ECUS version 1 must be pre-coded. Instructions and the location of the coding station can be found in the information on accessing rooms using your student ID card: Raumzutritt per Studierendenausweis [de]. This is not required for versions 2 and 3.
    Access rights are issued by the relevant faculties and departments either once or each semester. For use via the white scanners (offline access), the ECUS must be validated on every day of use. Instructions and the locations of the validation terminals can also be found in the above mentioned manual. Validation is not required when accessing rooms using the black scanners (online access).
    If problems arise with coding/validating the ECUS or when accessing buildings/rooms, please first read the information on accessing rooms using your student ID card: Raumzutritt per Studierendenausweis [de]. If you do not find a solution to your problem, please email the Department VI – Engineering and Constructions [de] with the following information:
    • Your student number
    • Number of the scanner (located on the left edge), or alternative building and room number
    • "Reaction" of the scanner with date and time
    • if applicable, any further information about the problem
  • Identification for numerous student discounts
    The ECUS in combination with a current ECUS stamp proves that you are a student at the University of Stuttgart and makes you eligible for various student discounts in both public and private institutions (e.g. cinema, swimming baths, library). Please note that the relevant institution and not the University of Stuttgart are responsible for the conditions of any discounts (e.g. discount amount, age limits).

The ECUS is made of plastic and is the same format as a traditional plastic card. But due to the integrated RFID chip it is more sensitive than other cards. Please follow these simple rules to care for your card adequately.

  • Don’t bend, fold or deform your card!
  • Don’t keep your card in your back pocket!
  • Store your card away from coins in your wallet or purse!
  • Don’t let your card get too hot or leave it in the sun (e.g. lying on your desk)!
  • Don’t clean your card with chemicals or wash it in the washing machine!
  • Don’t write on the card or stick anything on it!

The best way to clean your ECUS card is with a damp cotton cloth and no cleaning agents.

The RFID chips "Mifare Classic" and "Mifare DESFire" differ from each other as follows:

  • Memory: Mifare Classic 1 KB, Mifare DESFire 8 KB.
  • Security: The chip encryption of the "Mifare Classic" (ECUS version 1) is unsafe, which is why this chip can be "cloned". However, this is very unlikely to have any serious consequences because the test systems recognize any unusual activity from a shadow account and block the ECUS.
  • Integrated antennae: The transmitter range of the ECUS is maximum 10 cm; the ECUS cannot be located and read from a greater distance. Furthermore, for the ECUS versions 2 and 3 wire and data transfer are also encrypted. The chip is provided with electricity via the scanner; the chip itself is "passive".
  • Wallet and KABA access applications: The wallet and access applications of the Ecus version 1 must be pre-coded on two different stations:
    • The wallet function must be coded at the SWS info point in the canteens in Vaihingen and Stadtmitte;
    • The access application must be coded at the coding station in the university library in Vaihingen (see Raumzutritt per Studierendenausweis [de])

As an ECUS user you have rights pursuant to § 5 State Data Protection Act (LDSG):

  • Right to request information regarding your data (§ 21 LDSG).
  • Right to correct, delete and block access to any of your personal data stored by the University of Stuttgart (§§ 22 to 24 LDSG).
  • Right to request information from the procedure index (§ 11 LDSG).
  • Right to object to the processing of your personal data if this in any way effects your personal situations (§ 4 para. 6 LDSG).
  • Right to compensation in the case of damage caused by unreliable or incorrect data processing under the responsibility of the University of Stuttgart (§ 25 LDSG).
  • Right to appeal to the state representative for data protection (§ 27 LDSG).

If you wish to make use of any of these rights please contact the University of Stuttgart’s data protection officer in writing.

ECUS replacement ID

  1. If your ECUS card can no longer be read electronically or is damaged:
    1. Test that the card can be read at one of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart’s info points (e.g. in the canteen). If this shows that the card is defect you will receive an "attestation for a replacement card".
    2. Please upload a current photo on C@MPUS and check the up-to-dateness of your postal address.
    3. Please send the attestation and the information whether money was in the digital wallet via our ECUS-replacement form (published below) and you will receive a new ECUS card free of charge.
  2. If your ECUS has been lost or stolen.
    Please send us your request and the information whether money was in the digital wallet via our ECUS-replacement form (published below). Please upload a current photo on C@MPUS and check the up-to-dateness of your postal address.

Please apply for your replacement ID card using the online form only. You will receive your ECUS by mail in approximately 2 weeks. Please note, we will only send it to a German address.

Application for a replacement ECUS student ID

You may update your postal address (in German: Korrespondenzadresse (Studienadresse)) and your photo:

Please use the checkboxes on your application to let us know if you have checked or updated them. Please do not send us a picture as a file attachment!

Functions: It usually takes 24 hours, but in exceptional circumstances (e.g. during internal maintenance periods) it may take around 2-14 days until all functions have been activated and can be used. If activation still isn’t completed after 14 days please email the Department VI – Engineering and Constructions.

Wallet function ("paying with the chip card"): If there was money in the digital wallet of the cancelled card the credit can be transferred onto the replacement card or paid out in cash at one of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart info points (e.g. in the canteens). In order to do this, you will be issued confirmation that the old card and ID chip have been cancelled from the Student Service and Examinations Office. The credit will then be determined via the chip ID at the SWS info point and either transferred or paid out in cash.

Please note, if you lose your card: no data is saved on the ECUS chip that could provide information about where you live etc. If money has been paid onto the card and another person uses the money we are unfortunately unable to refund the money lost.

Application for a replacement ECUS student ID

You can apply for a replacement ECUS card using this form. Please make sure that you have checked the accuracy of all requested information (correspondence address (student address), picture, credit) directly in C@MPUS. You will receive your student ID card by mail approximately 2 weeks after submitting your application.

Please use your student email address.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please resend the request. Please also check your spam folder! Please use the file upload to upload your requests and attachments (max. 7 MB per file).

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Privacy statement

Information on the data protection you will find below.

Controller and data protection officer

Information concerning the controller and data protection officer can be found in the data protection declaration of the University.

Description of data

An uncoded email in clear text will be generated from the information you provide in the contact form. In order to contact you via e-mail, we need all statements marked with a *. In addition to your entries in the form fields, the date and time will be recorded in the generated email.


You can use this contact form to request a replacement ECUS student ID card.

Legal basis

The legal basis is Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter e) GDPR together with Article 6 Paragraph 3 GDPR and § 4 of the State Data Protection Act (Landesdatenschutzgesetz).


Your message is received by the Backoffice of the University of Stuttgart’s Division 3 – Students' Affairs. To this division also belong the following departments: Contact Center, Student Counselling Center, Application-Admission-Enrollment, Student Service and Examination Office, Fees and Charges. On the basis of the content, we will either send you your new ECUS directly without reply, contact you directly or take a decision concerning who the right point of contact is and pass the email on to this person or department of the University of Stuttgart.

Storage duration

The personal data you enter in this form will be processed solely for the purpose stated and will be deleted after the period of processing. The length of time for which the email is saved by the end recipient depends on the process which subsequently takes place.

Consequences of non-provision, right of objection and correction

The use of the form is voluntary. You can also get in touch with us by e-mail, telephone or by post.
You are free to provide your name and email address in the form of a pseudonym when entering data, which means that the University cannot assign the information to a person. Should you not wish for your identity to be disclosed, it may then be the case that your matter cannot be processed.

Your rights

Information concerning your rights can be found in the data protection declaration of the University.


If you have any questions about ECUS or if there is a problem with your ECUS or a scanner, please contact the following people:



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