Application process

You would like to apply for one or two exchange semesters. Find out about the application process.

Application process

You can apply after you have participated in a group advising session and obtained the most important information from the program coordinator responsible for your study abroad.

After you have submitted your application, your documents will be checked and the selection will be made by the Senate Committee for Studies Abroad and Grants. You may be invited to a selection interview so that the committee can gain a personal impression of your suitability as an international “ambassador” for the University of Stuttgart and the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Selection criteria

The following selection criteria are used:

  • Qualification / suitability according to study achievements
  • Explanatory statement / motivation for the study project
  • Interests and activities outside of university studies (for example, engagement in the buddy program “” of the University of Stuttgart)
  • Knowledge of culture and society in both Germany and the host country
  • Flexibility regarding the university location

After the selection interview, the committee will let you know for which exchange program you will be recommended and what documents you have to submit for the application to the host university.

Since there is only a limited number of places available at each partner university, and the universities have certain requirements regarding study achievements, the study program, etc., the preferences of the applicants cannot be taken into account in all cases.

State-to-state programs

In the case of the state-to-state programs, the nomination just refers to your admission to this program. In your documents for the coordinating university in Baden-Wuerttemberg (e.g. the University of Konstanz for the Ontario state-to-state program), you list three universities from this program as placement preferences. The coordinating university forwards all applications from students in Baden-Wuerttemberg to the coordinating office in the host country with a proposal for placement.

Additional documents

In the course of the application process, you may receive a request from the International Office or from abroad to submit further documents. You should therefore check your emails and mailbox regularly so that the process does not stall.

The partner universities usually leave the selection process to the University of Stuttgart and accept the nominations of the Senate Committee for Studies Abroad and Grants. However, they can reject nominees from the University of Stuttgart, if the applicant does not meet the admission requirements of the respective university, department, or institute, or if the respective department has introduced a numerus clausus. We always endeavor to resolve these critical cases in advance, so that rejection rarely occurs in practice.

Application documents

Documents required for the application for a place in the exchange program of the University of Stuttgart (not Erasmus+)

  • Application checklist for the exchange programs (not Erasmus+)
  • Online application (please submit all documents online by the deadline, paper documents will not be accepted)
  • Language certificate (for a language test, please make an appointment at the Language Center of the University of Stuttgart) This test can be used for all languages, but does not apply to exchange programs in the US and Canada; in this case the TOEFL iBT test must be taken
  • Letter of recommendation form (Please forward this form to a lecturer that knows you well.) An assessment needs to be submitted only if there is no ranking available from the Examination Office.

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Please only submit these documents upon request.

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