Transcripts and certificates

Congratulations on your graduation!

You will receive your graduation documents after you have successfully completed your degree. Graduation documents are your transcripts, certificates, and your diploma supplement. We ask that you check a few things before you graduate to help us ensure that your documents are correct and that they are delivered to the correct address.

You will receive your graduation documents when all your courses, assessments and exams have been successfully recorded. These documents comprise:

  • A certificate: Your degree classification is recorded on this certificate.
  • A transcript: Your transcript details your overall grades, the modules you took with the individual grades, your ECTS credits, the title of your thesis and the graduation date.
  • A diploma supplement: This contains details about the content of the study program and serves international transparency and comparability.

If you are studying on a German-language study program, you will receive all three documents in German and English. If your study program is an English-language program, you will receive the certificate and the Diploma Supplement in German and English, and the transcript in English only.

Three steps to your graduation documents

Once your final achievements have been recorded, your final documents will be printed and signed and finally collected or delivered by mail.

Checklist at the end of your study program

When you register your thesis, please fill out the certificate application form at the same time. You can obtain both in one document from C@MPUS.
You must check your transcripts or curriculum at the very latest when your degree classification has been confirmed (green P in the "My Study Program" app.) Please pay particular attention to:

  • Any additional modules taken. If you do not want these to be recorded on your transcript, or if these have been assigned incorrectly, please get in touch using the contact form.
  • The title of your final thesis (German and English). If the title is incorrect, please contact your examiner.
A green p must appear in the top line of the study program in the "My Study Program" app.
Degree recorded in C@MPUS (green p)

Timeframe for the preparation of your graduation documents

Your certificate will only be printed by the Examination Office when the last exam has been recorded in C@MPUS. Once printed, your graduation documents must then be signed. Depending on the document and study program in question, the graduation documents are signed by the following people:

  • The University of Stuttgart's Rector
  • The Dean of your faculty and
  • The Head of the Examination Committee.

This means that it can take 6 - 8 weeks for your graduation documents to be finalized. Neither we nor you have any influence over this processing time. Even if you desperately need your documents.

Mail or pick-up

It usually takes two weeks for your documents to be mailed. Please make sure that you have recorded a reliable address on the certificate application.

If you would like to pick up your final documents, you will receive an email when they are ready. You may also designate a person who may pick up your graduation documents for you. For this purpose, we require a completed consent form.

Please pick up your graduation documents promptly during office open hours.

Consent form

Deregistration at the end of your study program

You can find all necessary information about de-registering at the end of your studies on the de-registration website.




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