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Prioritize course place requests for Interdisciplinary Key Qualifications (SQ), registration and deregistration, allocation process and ranking system

You can use this application to prioritize your course place requests for Interdisciplinary Key Qualifications (FÜSQ).

General information on SQs can be found in English on the website Key-competencies and  on the website "Interdisciplinary Key Competencies (FÜSQ)" from the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning.

Registration and Deregistration of FÜSQs


For a fair distribution of available Interdisciplinary Key Qualification (FÜSQ) courses across the university, there is an automatic allocation process. To participate in the allocation process and receive a place, you must register for the desired FÜSQ course during the registration period.

The SQ course registration is also called "Course Place Requests". You can submit any number of requests (i.e. course registrations for SQs), but you can only receive a maximum of two places per semester.
If you have been allocated one or two SQs, you will be informed by email. You will not receive any information if you did not get a place. 

Please click on the following link for a detailed description on the registration process:

More information


Please deregister from SQs that you do not wish to attend in due time. These places can be allocated to other students.

To withdraw from a FÜSQ, please proceed as described on the website Courses:

More information

Prioritizing place requests

The SQ course registration is also called "Course Place Requests". You can submit any number of requests (i.e. course registrations for SQs), but you can only receive a maximum of two places per semester.

You can prioritize your course requests, in order to obtain a place for your desired SQ and, at the same time, be able to keep the possibility for a place allocation in another SQ course.

After opening the app Course Place Requests a list of all SQ course place requests is shown, similar to the following example:

Prioritizing course place requests

By changing the numbers or by using the drag and drop feature, you can change the prioritization order. The first (top) course will be prioritized the highest in the allocation process. After making changes, please do not forget to save your changes. The header bar displays the prioritization period.

Important information

The ranking system for the allocation process is necessary to distribute the available courses as fairly as possible. Each student can receive a maximum of two SQs per semester and degree program, regardless of how many course requests are available.

The following criteria are taken into account by C@MPUS in the ranking system:

  1. Missing credits: Preference will be given to students who have not yet earned all credits in a competence area.
  2. Repeaters receive lower rank: Students who had been offered a confirmed place in the previous semester, but who have not deregistered correctly, will be ranked lower.
  3. Completed semesters: The number of semesters a student has completed within a degree program (course of study).
  4. Prioritization of course place requests: Ranking based on your prioritization of course place requests.
  5. Unsuccessful course place requests in previous semesters: Ranking based on the ratio of open course place requests in previous semesters (ratio of open course place requests to the number of possible course place requests in all semesters regarding the course context; averaged over all semesters in which the course context was
  6. In case of equal values, the decision is made by lot. 

The procedure for SQ courses that relate to the discipline ("fachaffine Schlüsselqualifikationen") corresponds to that for Interdisciplinary Key Qualifications.
Registration and allocation periods are identical. Course registration also is possible at the examination node.
Course place requests can be prioritized. The ranking system and the allocation process are carried out simultaneously, but independently of each other.

  • The ranking procedure is called "FAF_SQ_LRT".
  • Semester plan: The courses are listed as "fachaffine Schlüsselqualifikationen" (subject-related SQs) in the semester plan.
  • Curriculum: Students of the Master's degree program Aerospace Engineering can find the subject-related SQs in the Curriculum: Elective modules → Supplementary modules → Subject-related SQs.
  • For some subject-related SQs, a blue circle with "LV" appears in addition to the red one. Please ignore the blue circle and please register via the red examination circle.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot specify it. If you would like to take only one SQ, but have been allocated two SQs, please deregister
from the SQ you do not wish to take. This place can then be allocated to other students.

Registration for Interdisciplinary Key Qualifications is only possible for students whose degree program includes the respective key qualifications. Not all SQ competence areas are intended for all degree programs.
Some of the courses can also be taken outside your curriculum, e.g. courses offered by the Language Center. Please contact the respective department for further information.

You can find a list of all courses for which you are registered in the application My Courses.

Please use the application My Calendar to see the courses in a timetable view.



Interdisciplinary Key Competencies (FÜSQ)

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