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On this page you will find answers to the most frequent questions about German as a second language course offerings. If you have other questions, please contact our staff.


The course fee is EUR 250. Students in programs that have the German language course as part of their exam regulation have the fee waived.

Prior to the intensive course, you will take a computer-aided assessment test. You are then assigned to the appropriate level based on your test performance.

The levels reference those used in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR; GER in German)

A1 – Breakthrough or beginner

A2 – Waystage or elementary (beginner with some prior knowledge)

B1 – Threshold or intermediate

B2 – Vantage or upper intermediate

C1 – Effective operational proficiency or advanced

A1+ – Beginner

A2 – Waystage or elementary (beginner with some prior knowledge – A2.1, A2.2)

B1 – Threshold or intermediate (B1.1, B1.2)

The intensive course also provides intercultural training. In addition, the Incoming Section organizes an event (attendance is mandatory) during which you are given important pointers on studying at the University of Stuttgart and living in the city of Stuttgart.

Until completing Level B1+, you can take more German courses at the International Center. The University of Stuttgart Language Center offers B2 and C1 level courses during semesters.

There are classes for beginner in the intensive course.

The assessment test is highly predictive; however, in some cases exceptions can be made within a specific time frame and with the teacher’s permission.

No. To take the extensive course, you must first pass the intensive course.

It varies between 16 to 24 students in each grouping.

Usually, the teachers know English. However, in the classroom only German is spoken.

The teachers will tell you on the first day of class which teaching materials you will use.

Textbooks, pencils, paper.

Yes. You will find out from the teachers on the first day of class which books to buy.


Erasmus+ and overseas students sign up through the Incoming Section.
The application is possible via the Mobility-Online portal. You will receive access to the portal by your advisor at the International Office at the University of Stuttgart as soon as you have been nominated for an exchange.

Participants in the intensive course are automatically enrolled in the extensive course, if eligible for the extensive course. Participants from the previous semester are sent a reminder and can sign up online.

Time and place

In Böblinger Straße 78E and in the International Center (IZ).

On the Friday before semester start.

No, the classes are on a fixed schedule by level.

Normally, passing the intensive course and the follow-on extensive course completes a level.

Yes. You can use the edurodam wireless network at the University of Stuttgart. For installation and more information, see:  

Yes, each intensive course incorporates a field trip or an excursion.

Courses, examinations, tests and grades

Yes, during the course you will take quizzes and, on the last day of class, a final exam.

It is a computer-assisted single choice test consisting of two parts.

Yes. Everyone takes the assessment test since it also lets us transmit your contact information (name, study program, subject, etc.).

Yes, because only then can we form groups that are as homogeneous as possible.

The number depends on the course content. You can find more information on the prospective or, respectively, the current courses on the
https://www.student.uni-stuttgart.de/en/international/german-courses/intensive/  web page.

Yes. You can pick it up four to six weeks after the course ends.You will get an email notice when it is ready.

Yes. The grade will be indicated on the report card.

The following grades are given:

1.0 / 1.3 (A) – 1.7 / 2.0 / 2.3 (B) – 2.7 / 3.0 / 3.3 (C) – 3.7 / 4.0 (D)

A grade below 4.0 is a no-passing grade: 5.0 (F).

Erasmus and overseas students can pick up their reports card at the counter on Level 1 in the International Center.

Yes. You only get two unexcused absences. A third unexcused absence results in dismissal from the course. Valid excuses include illness (please provide a doctor’s note) or examinations that must be taken at the home university (please present the requisite proof.)

Sick note

Yes. You only get two unexcused absences. A third unexcused absence results in dismissal from the course. Valid excuses include illness (please provide a doctor’s note) or examinations that must be taken at the home university (please present the requisite proof.)

Please see a doctor for treatment and then obtain the doctor’s note for any prospective days of absence. Present this note to your teacher when you are well enough to rejoin your course


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