Digital Services

From C@MPUS to E-Mail, VPN and WLAN: Varied digital offerings help you organize your student life. Here is brief overview of what services we make available to you.

To use the University's digital services, you will need a personal user name and password. You get both during the enrollment process at the same time as your student email address. After completing your enrollment, you must activate them on C@MPUS.

Any questions about passwords, user names and other IT concerns?

TIK (Technical Information and Communications Services) user support is your first place to turn to for all computer-related problems at Stuttgart Uni. If we cannot help you on the spot, we will refer your problem to specialist resources.  

Please see our website for office hours and where to find us.

TIK user support

Of particular importance:

IT operations at the University of Stuttgart are governed by the Policy on the Use of Digital Information Processing and Communications Technology(IuK). [de]

To ensure network security, you must

  • safeguard all your access data and keep your password secret
  • change your password as soon as it is issued to you
  • have your access blocked if the password has been divulged

The following rule also applies at the University: Anyone who makes copyright protected works (music, films) publicly available without the copyright holder's permission is subject to prosecution. Peer-to-peer sharing represents a special risk.

Also vital for network security:

  • always keep the software on your own computer up to date
  • install anti-virus software on your personal computer and keep it updated with the latest version.
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