MINT College

Courses for students in mathematics, computer science, natural and engineering sciences.

The College is designed for you if you are taking a course in MINT areas and are having difficulty, for instance, with higher math or you want to study up for a specific exam. Or, perhaps you would like educate yourself on topics such as time management or getting organized. To address these types of concern, we offer the following types of courses:

The Baden-Wuerttemberg MINT College helps new students who need to improve their knowledge in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or engineering).

Courses and exercises for the subject of mathematics, engineering mechanics, experimental physics, basic chemistry and many more tailored to your field of study. Here you can go deeper into the material and do drills for it in a small-group setting.

Semester courses [de]

The open study hall gives you the option of learning in a peer group or on your own. What is special is that MINT College teachers are there to assist with study hints and to help you find answers on your own to problems in mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and engineering mechanics.  

Open study hall [de]

We offer targeted preparation for exams with compact courses you can schedule to take during semester break just before sitting for the exams in question.

Examination prep courses [de]

Here you can take courses, for example, on how to do scientific work entailed by your studies or you can learn programming languages.

Key qualification courses of the MINT college [de]

Should you discover during your first or second semester that you lack important basic knowledge required for your studies, we encourage you to sign up for one of our introductory courses. They can help you refresh your knowledge in subjects like mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry.

Studies preparatory courses [de]

The courses offered in cooperation with the Language Center are specially designed for filling the needs of MINT students whose native language is not German. The focus is on technical language needed for MINT courses.

MINT - German as a foreign language [de]

We also provide subject-specific assistance and counseling when you start your studies.

Counseling [de]



MINT College Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart

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