Student Counseling Center


The services of STUDIES-INTERNSHIP-CAREER (STUDIUM-PRAKTIKUM-BERUF) are designed to help students of the Humanities and Social Sciences with questions concerning their studies, possible internships, and career options.

Counseling appointments and telephone consultations

For each student of the Humanities and Social Sciences the start of a career is an individual experience – which is why counseling should be individual as well.

A counseling session provides the opportunity to talk about personal ideas of appropriate internships and later career options. Thereby you reflect personal interests, abilities, and life goals and develop ideas concerning your next steps on the way to building your own career.

The team of STUDIES-INTERNSHIP-CAREER is part of the Student Counseling Center and supports you by finding your own way towards a successful career. We offer advice and provide information on questions like:

  • How can I ensure to gain relevant and diverse experience during an internship?
  • What is expected of me during an internship?
  • How can I include the internship in my studies on both organizational and content-related bases?
  • What additional means of education are required in the jobs that interest me?
  • In what cases is it a consecutive Master's program advisable?

STUDIES-INTERNSHIP-CAREER is also a contact point for companies and institutions which offer internships in the area of the Humanities or Social Sciences. Students of the Humanities or Social Sciences can look for interesting offers at our Praktikumsbörse (only available in German).

STUDIES-INTERNSHIP-CAREER also offers students career-oriented workshops and events. We also offer advice on the industrial and social internship that is required for an application of the “Referendariat”.


Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

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