Getting involved as a mentor

Intercultural Mentoring Program

Have you studied at the University of Stuttgart for at least three semesters and do you speak German well? Do you want to interact with international students? Why not join our Intercultural Mentoring Program?

Our male and female intercultural mentors assist international students who are in the first semester of their Bachelor’s or Master’s studies. Mentors and mentees meet at least twice a month. Both gain from the mentoring relationship by learning about each other’s culture and developing intercultural skills.

Our mentors help their mentees 

  • to organize their studies
  • to get to know the campus
  • to get to know the city
  • to learn the German language and understand the German culture

Would you like to get to know your mentee even before their arrival, meet them at the airport and support them with the formalities? Then become a uni mate!

Leisure program

Mentors are prepared for their role through introductory seminars and workshops and receive the program coordinators’ support during the semester.

The leisure time program includes social round tables and field trips as well as cultural and sporting events.

 We are looking forward to meeting you!


The registration phase for the winter semester 2021/22 for new mentors has started now. Please fill out the registration form.

Please write us an e-mail in case of questions.

Participants in the Intercultural Mentoring Program

… committed students who are in their 3rd semester or above and

  • have time for meeting their mentees at least twice a month
  • have a very good knowledge of the German language (C1)
  • know the University of Stuttgart and its study programs very well
  • are interested in meeting people from other cultures
  • show empathy
  • are willing to attend a two-day introductory seminar
  • the chance to meet young people from other cultures and to help them get started with their studies at the University of Stuttgart
  • a training in intercultural communication as part of the introductory seminar
  • interesting workshops
  • the opportunity to gain teaching experience as an academic tutor
  • experience which will be taken into consideration by the International Office when awarding places to study abroad
  • credit points (interdisciplinary key skill) for your involvement as a mentor
  • a certificate of attendance or a certificate of intercultural skills
  • Active participation in a cool university program
  • The chance to do volunteer work
  • Intercultural, communications and social skills
  • Learning about new cultures and point of views
  • Reflecting on your own culture
  • An international network and contacts
  • New friends throughout Germany and the world

Registration for the winter semester 2021/22 is open now. To register please follow the link above to the registration form. If you have any problems, please contact


Short movie - filmed by participants

© Lun Yan

The three pillars of the Intercultural Mentoring Program


The most important pillar of the program is the one-on-one relationship between the international mentee and his/her mentor. Mentor and mentee meet at least twice a month. Mentors support their mentees with all questions touching their studies, getting oriented at the university, and social integration into life in Germany. The mentee in turn will introduce his/her mentor to his/her own culture and perspective on Germany.

The mentees take part in a one-day introduction seminar at the beginning of the semester.

The program coordinators prepare the mentors for their task in a two-day introductory seminar at the start of the semester.

During the semester, the program coordinators also serve as on-call counseling resources.

All participants receive a certificate of participation upon turning in their final report.

Workshops and courses


Every semester we offer participants of the Intercultural Mentoring Program a variety of free workshops. The workshops will be announced via e-mail.

Peer-to-peer courses

To support the mentees regarding their language, academic and personal skills, ours mentors offer a variety of free courses (which can also be taken by mentors, of course). The courses reflect the interests, know how and knowledge of our mentors and therefore change every semester. Usually German, foreign languages and programming languages however are on offer each semester.

Leisure program

A varied social program with regular round table meetups, excursions, as well as sports and cultural events complement our stable of in-house events (our kick-off event, international evenings, christmas parties and many more!). This semester they be held online due to the corona pandemic.

All participants are encouraged to make suggestions and to organize events themselves.  

I think the mentoring program is great, and I hope that it will continue to be offered. Students benefit from it in many ways: language-wise, culturally, personally, and skill-wise…I also find it is important given the current refugee situation to reach out to strangers in order to help them. The mentoring program can do a lot in this regard.

Jonas Ritter, Mentor, summer semester 2015 summer semester

Objectives of the Intercultural Mentoring Program

  • Intercultural exchange between German and international students
  • Social integration and participation of international students in university life
  • Hands-on advice and support for international students
  • Improvement of international students’ academic performance and German language skills
  • Reduction of the drop-out rate of international students
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Promoting intercultural, social, and communicative skills

Impressions from the last semesters

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