Mandatory or voluntary, an internship is often part of your studies. Here you will find information on internships during or before the Bachelor's programs. Detailed guidelines and the addresses of the internship offices are published on the study program's website.

In many study programs, you earn credits for doing one or more internships and that in effect makes them requirements. Some Bachelor of Science study programs call for pre-study internships. For details, please see the internship guidelines of the respective study programs or get in touch with the contact persons in the internship offices. Both are published on the study programs' websites.

Study programs' websites


Pre-study internships (B.Sc.)

Some Bachelor of Science study programs require pre-study internhips. The internship office of the respective study program provides information about the content and assistance for the choice of the pre-study internship. The internship office also carries out the recognition of the pre-study internship and issues the recognition certificate. The detailed rules for the pre-study internships are published in the internship guidelines and in the examination regulations, which you will find on the study program's websites.

If you

  • have not yet passed/completed your pre-study internship, or you have not yet received written confirmation that you have completed your pre-course internship, then enrollment to your chosen study program is based on the condition that you can meet these prerequisites and deliver proof to the internship office by the deadline stated in the relevant exam regulations. If you are unable to deliver proof that you have completed a pre-course internship by the deadline, then you must apply for a deadline extension at the internship office.
  • have completed your pre-study internship before your studies commence, and you have received written proof of this, please upload this written proof (not your internship report!) with your enrollment. If this is not possible, present your proof of completion to the internship office after you have enrolled.

Please note: Some pre-study internships can be completed and handed in later. But we nevertheless strongly recommend doing the internships during the time before you start your studies. Integrating an internship into studies within the required submission time limit is often more difficult than expected.

Further information and internship-offices:

B.A. study programs

In many study programs a portion of ECTS credits with respect to so-called key skills, which is a requisite part of every B.A. study program, can be earned through an internship. There are also individual study programs that prescribe a mandatory internship. The details are governed by the exam regulation for each major subject. Whether required or not, we generally recommend that you do internships.

All students in the humanities and social science subjects can turn for advice to Studium-Praktikum-Beruf for all questions related to internships.


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