Mandatory or voluntary, an internship normally will be part of your studies. Here you will find information such as internship guidelines, contacts in the internship offices, and where to find internship slots.

In many study programs, you earn credits for doing one or more internships and that in effect makes them requirements. For details, please see the internship guidelines of the respective study programs or get in touch with the contact persons in the internship offices

Pre-study internships:
Some Bachelor of Science study programs call for pre-study internships. You can find information on how to prove the pre-study internship in the applicaton guideline.

Voluntary internships are also meaningful and highly desirable. Check here for links to more information and offers of internship places.

Faculty 2: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty 3: Chemistry

Faculty 4: Energy-, Process- and Bio-Engineering

Faculty 5: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology

Faculty 7: Engineering Design, Production Engineering, and Automotive Engineering

Faculty 8: Mathematics and Physics

Faculty 9: Faculty of Humanities

Faculty 10: Management, Economics, and Social Sciences

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