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My Fees and Payments and My Current/Home Address (Apps)

C@MPUS Documentation

Payments due and payment of semester fees and tuition fees recorded in C@MPUS, as well as changes to your current/home address

My Fees and Payments (app)

What can I use this for?

This application lists the payments due, and payment of semester fees and tuition recorded in C@MPUS.

All current and all past fees and payments are listed.

What information can I find there?

The term "fee" is used to refer to various types of charges. These fees include: 

  • Student services fee
  • Fees for International Students
  • Administrative fee
  • Fees for a second degree
  • Fee for the stuvus student council
  • Late fees

For more information about the respective fees, or about reimbursement of fees, please visit the web pages  Semester Fee and Tuition Fees.


My Current/Home Address (app)

What can I use this for?

In this app you can change the postal addresses of your current and home addresses. You can also change your temporary e-mail address and telephone number here.

Edit address

Your student address is used by the university to send diverse documents. You are therefore obliged to disclose this address data in full and to keep it up to date.

Your current address serves as a back-up option.

The “Edit Address” button at the bottom right opens a new window and allows you to edit your information. To ensure that important documents reach you, please make absolutely sure that your address is spelled correctly and that you are also already listed as a "resident" on the mailbox under your given address (e.g. in the student dormitory), as your documents may otherwise not be delivered. 

Please make sure that your address information is always correct and up to date! 

Frequently asked questions

It can take up to 7 days for payments to be displayed in C@MPUS. If after seven days the payment has still not been recorded, please contact Students' Affairs using the contact form and attach proof of your payment to the email.

The fee notification can be found in the app My Student Dossier.

Data such as your name, date of birth, gender and nationality are master data. If you wish to change any of your master data, please contact the Students' Affairs Department using the contact form, stating your student ID number or applicant number and a copy of your ID (ID card or passport).



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