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How to optimize your learning techniques

We offer counseling sessions for single students as well as for study groups and workshops on various topics concerning learning. You are cordially invited!

Be it a talent for procrastination or exam anxiety: Sometimes you have to overcome obstacles in order to manage and finish your studies successfully. If you want to study with less stress or optimize your learning techniques, take advantage of the learning counseling services.

You want to:

  • Remember more subject matter from lectures
  • Be able to deal with the amount of subject matter
  • Organize your learning in a more efficient manner
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost the efficiency of your study group
  • Be more confident during written and oral exam situations
  • Achieve good exam results

Counseling sessions for single students or study groups

We offer sessions for single students as well as for study groups. By focusing on your personal demands and questions our learning counseling team will establish strategies to improve your learning behavior. You may also visit our counseling offers multiple times if necessary.

Interested? Please make an appointment with Ina Skalbergs via email.

Our Workshops

We offer workshops on various topics. So it is worthwile to consistently check this page for any new workshops.

In our workshops you will learn about methods and techniques for efficient studying in small groups and test them. You will get interesting information on the topic “successful learning and studying”. By the end of the workshops, you possess the knowledge that will enable you to master the daily life of a student.

The workshops are free of charge for students of the University of Stuttgart.

Do you want to try something new? With a view to improving how you learn? Then this workshop is perfect for you; with a focus on methods for efficient learning with less stress, and the best way to implement your plans.

Issues we will be looking at:

  • How can I learn and revise intensively without losing concentration?
  • What are my priorities?
  • Which methods are the most helpful when preparing for exams?
  • How can I learn effectively during lectures?

This workshop is suitable for students in all semesters.


Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 10 a.m. –11:30 a.m.
Online via Webex and take home assignements

This workshop is taught in English. We also offer it in German, in order to check those dates please visit the German website.

If you have any questions on this workshop, please contact Ina Skalbergs.

Registration starts in April.

Registration and further information

Most workshops are offered only in German. Please visit the German website for more information on the different workshops.

Three questions for Reiner Laue

© Zentrale Studienberatung | Source: YouTube

What does learning counseling offer the students? Who can and who should get in touch with learning counseling? What can you expect from a learning counseling workshop?

By the time this video was made, the name “Lernwerkstatt” was still in use. Now we refer to it as “Lernberatung”, meaning learning counseling. All contents are still vaild.

Learning Counseling


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