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Find helpful advice for your everyday life in Stuttgart about using your cell phone, internet, banking and television.


The University of Stuttgart uses the wifi network eduroam [de]. Using your student account data from your home university you will be able to log into eduroam for free. The computing center of the University of Stuttgart provides a number of computer terminals for students to use. You can log into these computers with your student account.

In each dormitory internet access is available in the rooms. An extra fee of approximately EUR 10 per month is charged for the usage of the internet. The student association Selfnet e.V. manages the internet affairs for most dormitories (e.g. Allmandring, Heilmannstaße, Pfaffenhof, Straußäcker, Filderbahnplatz). If you live at one of the dorms managed by Selfnet e.V. you should register online in order to use the internet.

Tip: Register online from your home country on the same day you are flying to Stuttgart. You are then able to use the internet immediately upon arrival. You will still need to go to one of the Selfnet e.V. offices within 14 days after your moving-in date to finalize your registration.

Commercial providers offer flat rate internet access for around EUR 20-30 per month, often combined with a phone connection.

You need your own notebook or tablet for the following internet terminals:

German SIM-cards and cell phones

For mobile phones there are various contracts or pay-as-you-go offers that you can choose from. Prepaid packages are available for around EUR 10 in phone company stores as well as in many supermarkets. If you want to use the internet on your phone you should consider a flat rate contract.

The website of the DAAD offers helpful information on finding the lowest pricing.


Since cash is still frequently used in Germany, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, etc.) are not accepted everywhere. Before you order a meal etc., always make sure your credit card will be accepted or you have enough cash with you.
All visiting exchange students need a German bank account because the rent for a dormitory room can only be paid for by SEPA Direct Debit, i.e. it is directly debited from your account each month. The International Office can assist you in choosing a suitable bank. Tips can also be found in the Welcome Guide which can be obtained at the International Office.

Broadcasting service fee

The Rundfunkbeitrag (Broadcasting service fee) is a mandatory fee for receiving the state-funded radio and TV programs. It has to be paid by every household no matter whether you live in a private accommodation or a student dorm.

You or one of your flatmates must register with the so-called ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice [de]. On their website you will find more information and the registration forms [de].


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