Information on parallel studies

Interested in parallel studes? Here you can find all the important information on the topic.

If you decide during your studies you wish to work towards an additional degree in one or more study programs, you can enroll in parallel (dual) studies.

  • Without approval: If the study programs are unrestricted or only one of the study programs is restricted, no prio approval is required. In this case, you simply need to apply and enroll before the relevant deadlines without any additional formalities.
  • With approval: However, enrolling in two or more restricted-entry study programs is permitted only if warranted by special professional, scientific, or artistic reasons.

Parallel studies of two or more study programs with admission restriction

If you wish to enroll simultaneously in two or more restricted entry study programs, you must  

  • apply for the additional study program before the relevant deadlines and be admitted to them,
  • submit the application for parallel studies permission to the Admissions Office and
  • furnish an informal explanation of your special professional, scientific, or artistic reasons with your application.

Please note: Even if in principle it is possible to pursue your studies in more than one study program simultaneously, you should realize that this will result in a considerable additional burden on you and that you will bear the risks inherent in parallel studies (for example, not making deadlines for examinations or for obtaining financial aid for your studies through BAföG). We therefore recommend to set up a meeting with Student Counseling Center to discuss the implications of such a move.

Legal basis

Section 60 para. 1 Baden-Württemberg Higher Education Act



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