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University life

There is more to the student life than classes and exams. The Uni has many groups and initiatives in sports, music, movies, theater as well as university communities, associations, and interest groups.

You will have many opportunities for taking an active part in campus life while studying at the University of Stuttgart. Its student union (stuvus) keeps track of student groups and initiatives and their registration. Any student initiative must first be recognized as a university group [de] by stuvus. Recognized groups enjoy benefits like booking rooms in campus facilities at no charge or being authorizes to put up informative materials on campus.

stuvus - the Student Union of the University of Stuttgart [de]

The following stuvus links will let you review listings of all recognized groups and initiatives at the University of Stuttgart that you might like to join:

Many groups and research groups are supported, encouraged and financed by the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning (zlw):

Other types of activities at the University of Stuttgart

Also there for everyone – students and University employees alike – is university athletics. Check out the general university athletics webpage for an overview of the manifold sports offerings and what it takes to sign-up.   

Students who would like be active in an intercultural environment, can take advantage of the university’s Buddy program [de] or the Cross Cultural Mentoring Program.
The University of Stuttgart welcomes refugees and supports their successful integration with a number of different projects. You are welcomes to take part in the already existing support services or to pitch your own ideas.

Do you want to get into radio broadcasting? You can, with HORADS 88,6 [de], our campus radio station broadcasting to the Stuttgart region and Ludwigsburg. It offers opportunities for designing your own radio program while learning radio broadcasting basics. Students from alls departments are most welcome.

If your passion is writing and you are interested in university-related subjects, our USUS Blog may just be the thing for you to blog about university life and share your thoughts and experiences on the internet.

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