Checklist prior to your arrival

Pre-departure information

Some things need to be prepared and obtained while you are still at home. Please check this list for items you should not miss.

Please check on our corona website for potential changes and updates regarding the necessary first steps. Please also note our corona related entry and quarantine information.

S-Bahn line temporarily closed!

Please note that the tunnel of the S-Bahn line between the main station and the S-Bahn station in Vaihingen will be closed for the period from July 31 to September 12, 2021. The Deutsche Bahn and VVS have set up rail replacement services on this rout (“Schienenersatzverkehr”). Two spare bus lines are being set up:

  • SEV1 Hauptbahnhof (main station) to Universität (university)  with stops at Rotebühlplatz, Feuersee, Schwabstraße and Westbahnhof
  • SEV2 Vaihingen to Universität with a stop at Österfeld

Please allow an additional time buffer for the travel time from the main station or airport to the university.You can find more information and departure times on the homepage of the VVS (German only).

We recommend you download the VVS app where you can call up the changed connections in the electronic timetable information. You can also find more information on the VVS homepage:

For students traveling to the Vaihingen campus from the city center, we recommend they use the S-Bahn on the bypass of the tunnel from the main station to the Vaihingen train station and from there take the replacement buses or the regular buses to the university.

Start well prepared

Register for a Pre-departure online seminar and other events
• Recordings of previous Pre-departure online seminars can be found on our YouTube Channel „Universität Stuttgart International“! 

Please obtain and prepare the following things while you are still at home:

Hint: You can also transfer the money online. In this case you do not need a bank form. Students from countries outside the EU: We recommend that you transfer your contribution from your new German bank account after arrival. Thus you can avoid additional bank transaction fees.

  • List of vaccination certificates, if you have one. Check at the German embassy whether you need any vaccinations.
  • If you plan to drive a car in Germany you will need an international driving license.
  • Should you arrive by car, please note that a Feinstaubplakette (emissions sticker) is required for your car. Further information about the conditions and how to obtain an emissions sticker is available on the websites of the Stadt Stuttgart [de] and TÜV Süd.
  • Recent passport photographs (at least 6, some of them need to be biometrical)
  • Medicines you might regularly need
  • Some cash for your arrival
  • A sleeping bag (bed linen and coverlets are not provided in the student dorms! They can however be purchased in the caretaker's office for EUR 45).
  • For all electrical appliances you will need a 220 Volt adaptor
  • If you have a chronic disease, please check, whether your health insurance covers the cost for your medical treatment in Germany.

Non-EU citizens need additionally:

  • Passport (valid for the entire period that you will be spending in Germany)
  • Visa for educational purposes or a visa for university applicants. Not a tourist visa and not an au-pair visa!
  • Proof of financial resources

EU citizens need also:

  • Passport or national identity card
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Planning your arrival

When planning your journey you should try to ensure that you do not arrive on the weekend. Banks and public administrative offices are closed from Friday afternoon until Monday morning and you will not be able to move into your student residence. Shops usually close about 8 pm on Saturday evening and they are closed all day Sundays.

Information for program students

Pre-departure Checklist

Please read the pre-departure checklist carefully. It contains important information on things, which you need to do, prior to your departure, such as visa, housing and insurances.

Information for your journey

We developed a small guide (Survival Guide) for your journey and the first few days after your arrival (English version only!).

Webinar: Pre-departure information for exchange students

Duration: 41:35 | © Dezernat Internationales | Source: YouTube

We offered a webinar on August, 9. We have provided you with the recording. In case you have any further questions, please contact


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