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All study programs at the University of Stuttgart (structural organization), study plan, module manual and module catalog

In C@MPUS you will find all courses of study, the corresponding module handbooks as well as the individual modules.

All study programs (app)

This app provides an overview of the study programs offered at the University of Stuttgart. You can also access and download the module handbook for your study program and other programs at the University of Stuttgart from the app. You do not have to register to use the app.

In the navigation area you can select an academic year and current or expiring study programs (status button). When you click on the respective degree type (e.g. Bachelor of Science), this opens a list of all study programs of this type.

You can filter the study programs on offer by

  • Academic year
  • Status
  • Target degree
  • Reference number
  • Study program curriculum
  • Field of study

The study program curricula are linked and take you to the My Study Program app when you click on the respective name. You can use the funnel icons Trichter Symbol next to the column names to enter search terms. For example, you can use this to search specifically for the computer science curriculum. When you type in the search term, a drop-down menu with suggestions opens.

Clicking on the book icon Buch-Icon next to the names of the curricula will take you to an overview where you can download the respective module handbooks as PDF files. You can also view older module handbooks in this way.

Module catalog (app)

This application provides you with an overview of all modules offered at the University of Stuttgart. You can use various criteria to search for or organize the study programs on offer. You do not need to register in C@MPUS to use the app.

You can find general information on the Modules and Module Handbook webpage.

The following filter criteria can be used to search the module catalog:

  • Semester: The current semester is preselected.
  • Organization: By entering keywords, a drop-down list opens from which you can select the desired organizational unit.
  • Filter: Using the search field, you can enter either the module name or the module code (5-digit number) and filter your selection. You can sort the list by module name, module code or organization by clicking on the blue button on the right.

Once you have found the desired module, you can view the module description by clicking either on the module name or on the arrow to the right.

In the module description you will find an overview (e.g. ECTS credits, person responsible for the module) as well as information on courses and exams, descriptions and the position of individual courses in the curriculum. Through these sections you can access more detailed information about courses or exams. For more information you can visit the websites of the My Courses or My Exam Dates apps.

You can print the module description by clicking the print preview button on the left side.



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