Recognition of examination results

You would like to have your coursework or graded assessments recognized? For example, achievements from a stay abroad or from another university? You can find out how this works here.

The head of the examination board is responsible for recognizing previous achievements. Decisions pertaining to recognition are made by a professor who, if necessary, determines the equivalence of the examination performance and proposes a grade. If the review board approves the proposal, the academic achievement will be recognized. The recognized achievement is then recorded by the examination office. Depending on the examination regulations, failed attempts may also be recognized.

Please observe the deadlines for recognitions specified in the examination regulations!

The following information is a step-by-step guide explaining how to apply for the recognition of previous achievements.

1. Compiling documents

Download the form "Recognition of Modules and / or Sub-Module Components (Examinations)" and fill out as much information as possible. It consists of two pages. We need the module or examination number and the allocation to the curriculum in order for us to be able to record the recognized achievement.

Attach the following documents to your application for recognition:

  • Transcripts (e.g. a transcript of records)
  • Description of the content of the external course (e.g. excerpts from the module handbook, course descriptions).

Form "Recognition of Modules and / or Sub-Module Components (Examinations)"

2. If necessary, arrange a consultation appointment

If you still have questions, contact the examination committee or the academic counseling responsible for your study program to make a consultation appointment.

3. Submitting documents to the examination committee

Submit the compiled documents to the examination committee. Please check carefully that all the information provided on your recognition application is correct and complete.

The head of the examination committee will then review your application.

Heads of Examination Committee

4. Recording the recognized achievement at the examination office

After your application has been approved by the examination committee, the approved application must be submitted to the Student Services and Examination Office (using the contact form, or during office hours, or by mail).

Student Services and Examination Office

The examination office then records the recognized achievements in C@MPUS. After they have been recorded, your recognized examinations or academic achievements will be displayed in your transcript of records and the relevant modules will be marked on your subsequent certificate.

Our recommendation

Once your achievements have been recognized, you can adjust your study plan accordingly, together with your academic advisor.



Student Service and Examination Office

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  • Further information
  • Please contact the Student Service and Examination Office via our contact form, phone or during our office hours (onsite or online).
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