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The app "My Student Dossier" is a document repository and contains, among other things, important notifications relating to your studies. You can also use this app to submit requests for your studies.

What can I use this for?

The app "My Student Dossier" offers two functions:

  1. Archive: This contains important filed documents and notifications such as an extension of the standard period of study, or fee notifications for respective semesters. You can view or print out the documents at any time. To do this, click on the linked file name. Then click on the "view file" button to download the document. 
  2. Submit a request: You can also submit requests using this app. This is currently possible for the following requests:

Submit a request

If you would like to submit a request via your student dossier in C@MPUS, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the "My Student Dossier" app, click on "Document management" in the top left-hand corner and then on "Add".
  2. Select which request you would like to submit and click "Continue".
  3. Please select the file you wish to upload. Then provide details of your study program (for Bachelor’s programs with major and minor subjects and teacher training courses, please select the information that includes both subjects) and the semester for which you wish to submit the application. Then click on "Save".
  4. Now check the box "Yes, I confirm that the information contained in this document is correct" and then click on "Save". Your request has been successfully submitted. Once you have confirmed that the document is correct, you can no longer alter the data. 
  5. Please wait until the person responsible has checked your document.

Please note: You can only upload one document. You must therefore first merge the application and other supporting documents into one PDF document. Please make sure that you have entered the correct study program in the template. Otherwise, your application may not be processed or processing may be delayed

Display and status

Specific examples of the detailed view during the request process can be seen available in the slider below.

The document status is depicted in the list view accompanied by icons:

  • Green icon: Indicates that the document has been confirmed as complete and correct.
  • Orange icon: The document has been confirmed by the student but is yet to be confirmed by the person responsible. The document has not yet been checked.
  • Orange icon and speech bubble icon behind the file name: Confirmation by the student has not (yet) taken place, as the uploaded request cannot be approved (reason given in the comment box).   
  • Red icon: Neither the student nor the person responsible for checking the document has confirmed the document. Please confirm the request you intend to submit. Otherwise, your request cannot be processed.

Further entries under confirmation (student) or confirmation (person responsible)

  • Date, time and name of the person who confirmed the document
  • "Not required": for document types that cannot be uploaded by you. Example: Documents that are automatically uploaded from examination management into the student dossier.
  • "Open": For document types that can be uploaded by you and for which the corresponding confirmation (by you or by the person responsible) has not yet been given.

Submitting requests in "My Student Dossier"



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