Extracurricular studies for students

Explore new things, keep learning, pursue your interests

Students can take advantage of our varied extracurricular course offerings free of charge. You can even earn Key Qualification credits(SQ Points).

Extracurricular studies let students expand their educational horizons by freely following an artistic bent, dabbling in other disciplines, and preparing for entry into professional life.

A kaleidoscope of educational offerings

An Extracurricular studies program booklet that lists all the courses, presentation series, seminars, and workshops open to students in all disciplines, is published in hard copy about four weeks before the start of each semester. You will also find here all the student associations that Extracurricular Studies administers, for example, the Steinfuss Theater or the Uni Big Band.

Teilnehmerinnen des Workshops „Videofilmen leicht gemacht“ beim Experimentieren.
Teilnehmerinnen des Workshops „Videofilmen leicht gemacht“ beim Experimentieren.

Interdisciplinary key qualifications

In a few extracurricular studies courses, students can even earn the key qualification credits (SQ Punkte) required as part of academic studies. Prominent examples are the Creativity to the Power of 3 (summer semester) and Communication to the Power of 3 (winter semester) courses.. Both courses are special in that they feature a combination of three different workshops, with each conducted by different instructors. Registration for these SQ events is via the standard enrollment procedure for interdisciplinary key qualification in the C@MPUS system.

Druckgrafik - uneingeschränkte Kreativität
Im AK Druckgrafik können Sie Ihrer Kreativität freien Raum lassen.

Student groups and associations

ExtracurricularsStudies is the umbrella organization for numerous student groups and associations which it supports administratively and financially. Theater groups like the Improtheater or musical groups like the Chamber Philharmonic, the Big Band, or the Student Chorale offer excellent opportunities for enriching the study routine. The Working Group (AK) Print Graphics or AK Photography will let you do art; if you are into engineering and natural sciences, there is AK Radio or AK Astronomy, to name just two more examples. There is even an observatory on the Vaihingen campus. All you need to do is get started and join in the fun!

Extracurricular studies as career center

Extracurricular studies also offers courses and workshops under the heading of career start/business know-how. For valuable tips and help in getting ready for the job hunt, be it classic job search training, preparing for a job interview or assessment center training – we have it all.

Important: Please note that registration for extracurricular studies workshops (except the SQ courses) is by E-Mail and not via C@MPUS.

Freihandeichnen - Kreativität mit Stift und Block
Die Veranstaltung Freihandzeichnen bietet viel Raum für kreatives Gestalten.

Non-field of study credit

A few study programs – particularly in the State Examination for Teachers and diploma program categories – require earning credits in subjects outside your chosen discipline. This requires students to attend lectures, seminars, or exercises in other subject fields to obtain a – usually graded – study credit (e.g., a “non-technical” certificate). Extracurricular studies offers these types of course as well.

Depending on the discipline and study program, attendance of varying amounts of semester hours is required. We recommend you consult ahead of time with the respective academic advisor or the Examination Office. Only then can you be sure that the credits you earn will be accepted.

„Personally, I thought the course was a great experience, mainly because it offered something different from what I was used to in my studies. No formulas, calculations or requirements; simply trying out stuff and letting your thoughts run free.“

Statement by a female student who took Creativity to the Power of 3 during winter semester 2015/16



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