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Get basic information here about exams - registration, regulations, illness notices. But the ultimate source for definitive answers to all your examination-related questions is the Student Service and Examination Office.

All legal regulations pertaining to exam registration, the type of examination, the time of the examination and its scope can be found in the examination regulations. This is why it is important to download the examination regulations right at the beginning of your study program.

The general regulations are available on this webpage. Specific regulations for the various study programs can be found in the study program information.

Information for examiners

  • It is only possible to register for exams during the registration period. The exact registration period and information about exam registration will be sent to your student email address. Any registrations submitted after the registration period has ended will not be accepted.
  • You will not be automatically registered for exams. That means you must also register for any repeat examinations in the following semester during the registration period online in C@MPUS.
  • If a second exam /repeat exam date is offered during the same semester, it is not possible to register via C@MPUS (because the registration period has expired). If this is the case, please register using the form "exam registration / replacement form" at the examinations office.
  • If any issues arise during registration please contact the person responsible during the registration period.

Registration deadlines and examination dates

You may register for term papers, Bachelor thesis or Master thesis at any time, in accordance with the relevant examination regulations.

  • To register your Bachelor or Master thesis please use the form available in C@MPUS under "my applications".
  • To register for term, research or semester papers special registration forms exist. They are published on our website. You may also receive them from the responsible staff member in the examination office.


Contact to the examination office

  • You may withdraw from your exam registration online via C@MPUS, provided you comply with the withdrawal deadline of seven days before the exam. This is only possible if the examination date has been determined and the examinations in question are student assessments or examinations in the categories “PL”, “USL” and “BSL”.. Withdrawing from your exam registration online is not possible if the examination date has not been determined. In this case you must complete a withdrawal form which is also available in C@MPUS (app "my requests").
  • If you fail to comply with the withdrawal deadline, or if the examination is a repeat examination and requires a signature from the examining board, the completed withdrawal form and an explanation must be signed by the examining board and submitted to the examination office. Please be aware that this type of withdrawal can take several days to be processed.
  • In the case of LBPs (examinations that accompany the course and are spread throughout the semester), you must submit your withdrawal application either during the examination registration period or it must be approved by the examining board. You can find out which examinations are LBPs by reading the examination regulations.
  • In the case of illness, you will need a medical certificate stating that you are unable to take the exams. The medical certificate, together with a completed withdrawal form, must be submitted to the examination office no later than 3 days after the examination, e.g. via our contact form.
  • The cancellation form should be completed with the help of your transcript of records which you find on C@MPUS. The correct name, number and the date of the examination can also be found there. Please be aware that we cannot process incomplete withdrawal forms.
  • In the case of withdrawals due to illness, or withdrawals approved by the examining board, the examination must be completed within the following two semesters. If this rule is not complied with, you will receive the classification "insufficient". This does not apply in the case of withdrawals submitted within the deadline.
  • If you successfully withdraw from your exam registration, this will appear in your transcript, with the reference:
    „withdraw/t“ = withdrawal within the deadline
    “ill” = withdrawal due to illness
    “withdraw/p” = withdrawal approved by the examining board

Please also read the up to date information on the corona-webpage.

Corona-webpage: information on withdrawal

  • The examining board is responsible for acknowledging any previous exam grades. Grades for any previous work or exams are determined by a professor who decides upon an equivalent grade. If the examining board agrees with the suggested grade then this grade will be acknowledged, the examination office then record the recognized grade.
  • In some cases, failed examinations will also be acknowledged.
  • The acknowledged performance will be indicated on your final certificate.
  • The module or examination number and the "allocation to the curriculum" help us to record the recognized grade correctly.

Form: Recognition of Modules and Sub-Module Components (PDF)

  • Changes to the examination regulations can only be undertaken for study programs where the students are currently enrolled, as long as new examination regulations have been published.
  • If the examination regulations are changed for modules that have not yet been completed, these must be completed in compliance with the old examination regulations and not the new ones. The modules will be altered in accordance with the new examination regulations as soon as all parts of the module and assessments have been completed.

Form: Application for Change of Examination Regulations (PDF)

  • You must register for any required module online via C@MPUS.
  • Required modules can usually be repeated. How often they may be repeated is published in the admission regulation of your Master's program according to which you were admitted. You do need to have passed the required modules when you register your Master’s thesis; if you fail to do this, your study program admission expires and this will result in de-registration. 
  • If the required modules are not visible in the registration template, please inform those responsible at the examination office immediately so that they can activate the required modules. Please be aware that even in such cases it is still not possible to register after the registration deadline has passed.

More information on the required modules (Auflagenmodule) and on how often they can be repeated is published in your Master's admission regulation.

Admission regulations for Master's study programs

  • The Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning is responsible for registering and recording interdisciplinary key skills credits.
  • If key skills credits are not recorded by the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning, the key skills credits can, in exceptional cases, be recorded with a certificate of academic achievement at the examinations office.

Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning

Some University of Stuttgart study programs impose certain language requirements. The subject-specific rules for fulfilling language requirements appear in the respective exam regulations. Should you still need or want to learn a language, you will find a wide selection of language courses at the Language Center.

Qualification in Latin

Information by the Institute of History for obtaining the qualification in Latin [de]

  • Every graduate receives a degree certificate if they successfully complete their study program.
  • You must apply for your certificate (Bachelor‘s and Master‘s) at the examinations office. Please use our application for degree certificates.
  • The processing period for the final certificates is approx. 6 to 8 weeks after your final grades have been recorded.

In some study programs the official documents will be handed out during the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony for all students will take place within one calendar year in the summer after completion of the study program. If individual study programs do not hold a graduation ceremony, the certificate and all official documents will be sent together by post.
The degree certificate can also be handed over earlier upon request. As long as the original document is being kept at the examinations office, certified copies can also be handed out upon request.

Additional modules: In some study programs, additional modules can also be recorded on the degree certificate (the number varies depending on the examination regulations). The additional modules must be recorded in the system, so they must be registered as such. Please contact the relevant person at the examinations office to do this. Additional modules that have not been recorded, or any other achievements must be approved by the examining board before they can be recorded on your certificate.

Application for degree certificates



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