Coursework and graded assessments

LBP, PL, USL, BSL? An explanation of the abbreviations of coursework and graded assessments

Bachelor's and Master's study programs are organized into modules. Each module is assigned a certain number of ECTS credits. These ECTS credits are not earned until all coursework and examinations required for the module, as detailed in the examination regulations and the module handbook, have been successfully completed.

We recommend: That you read the exam regulations and your module handbook!

The module examination within a course is composed of one or more pieces of coursework and/or examinations.

Which coursework or graded assessment applies to modules is published in the module handbook. Students can access the module handbook via the C@MPUS application "My degree program" (the same procedure applies here: click on the book behind the name of the study program).


The University of Stuttgart categorizes coursework and graded assessments as follows:


There are three types of coursework:

Non-graded coursework or course assessment (USL):

  • If you fail a USL, you may repeat this as many times as necessary until you have passed it. You cannot repeat a USL if you have already passed it.
  • A USL is categorized as pass / fail, there is no grade.
  • A USL must be registered.

Graded coursework or course assessment (BSL):

  • If you fail a BSL, you may repeat this as many times as necessary until you have passed it. You cannot repeat a BSL if you have already passed it.
  • This type of assessment is graded.
  • A BSL must be registered.

Prerequisite (V):

  • is a prerequisite graded assessment, which is defined as an admission requirement for a graded assessment. If the graded assessment is a prerequisite, this is marked with a "V" (=Vorleistung) or ungraded prerequisite assessment (USL-V) in the appendix to the exam regulations and in the module handbook.

Graded assessments

At the University of Stuttgart, graded assessments are always graded student work. In principle, graded assessments can only be repeated once. The exam regulations regulate in how many cases a second repetition is permitted. 

Graded assessments (PL)

  • PL stands for the "classic" examination forms, namely written exam, term papers and individual oral exams.

Further abbreviations:

  • S = written module examination
  • M = oral examination

For more information, please refer to your module handbook.

Course examinations (LBP):

  • Course examinations are taken in conjunction with a course. They are strongly related to a specific topic covered in a module. These often take the form of a term paper or project.
  • The expected date, type and scope of course examinations will be announced by the person organizing the course at the beginning of the semester.
  • After the registration deadline has passed, you can only withdraw your registration for an LBP only with the approval of the Head of the Examination Committee!



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