Other opportunities for a stay abroad

Programs of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), opportunities for teaching degree students, summer and winter schools. You are offered a wide range of opportunities for a stay abroad.

Global Teaching Lab

As a part of the MIT - Germany program with the University of Stuttgart, students working towards a teaching degree in STEM subjects have the opportunity to apply for a short stay at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to get to know the research landscape at MIT as well as the local  school system.

The exchange is part of a cooperation between the University of Stuttgart and the MIT. Every year in January, 6 STEM students from the MIT get to know the German education system and the University of Stuttgart. They sit in on STEM classes at Stuttgart schools. In return, 6 STEM teaching students from the University of Stuttgart take courses at the MIT each spring, experience the American education system, and sit in on STEM classes at American schools.

Institute and Faculty partnerships

Disciplines: Civil engineering and surveying, geodesy

More information about requirements, application deadlines, and documents to be submitted can be obtained directly from the institutes.

Disciplines: Mechanical engineering, technology management, automotive and engine engineering

Disciplines: Mechanical engineering, technology management, engineering cybernetics

Pedagogical Exchange Service (teaching degrees)

The Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD) is a public institution that works on behalf of the federal states to promote international exchange and cooperation in the school sector.

Information on exchange programs in the school sector, which are carried out by the PAD on behalf of the federal states, can be found on the PAD pages of the Kultusministerkonferenz (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs). As part of the Lifelong Learning program, the PAD is also the national agency for EU programs in the school sector.

Further information, practical examples, and related links can be found on the PAD pages of the Kultusministerkonferenz. In addition, application forms and information sheets for each program are available for download.

For questions and further information, feel free to contact the campus ambassador of the Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD) at the University of Stuttgart, Ms. Ronja Pickl.

Summer schools

International Field School in Kenya, Nairobi

  • Duration: 2 - 4 weeks, exact dates upon request

PolyU International Summer School, Hong Kong

HKUST International Summer Exchange Program (ISP), Hong Kong

University of Seoul International Summer School I, South Korea

University of Seoul International Summer School II

Hanyang University International Summer Program, South Korea

Beijing Institute of Technology Summer Program, China

  • Duration: July 1 to August 16, 2024 (depending on program)
  • Application: April 30, 2024 (first round), May 15, 2024 (second round)
  • Further information

currently not available

Turku Åbo Summer School

  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Application deadline: April 12
  • Cost: 45€–75€

Linköping University Summer Academy

University of Southern Denmark International Summer School

Summer School Prague

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Application deadline: June 20
  • Cost: 650€

University College London Summer School

Lancaster University Global Summer Schools

University of Strasbourg Summer School

IDRAC Summer School Lyon

  • Duration: May 23 to July 12, 2023
  • Application: May 9, 2023

University of  Toulouse Aerospace Summer Program 

EM Normandie International Summer School 

GINSEN International Smart Engineering Summer School Grenoble

  • Duration: June 19 to July 7 or 13, 2023 (depending on program)
  • Application: March 20, 2023
  • Further information

Summer School of Economics and Business Madrid

Summer School of Economics and Business Madrid “Selected Topics in Tourism, International Hospitality and Attractions Management” 

Summer School University of A Coruna

Riga Technical University Summer Schools

  • Duration: June 26, 2023 to July 28, 2023 (depending on program)
  • Application: May 26, 2023 or June 17, 2023 (depending on program)
  • Further Information

Universitá Catolica del Sacro Cuore Summer Programs, Milano 

Romanian Language Summer School

Fulbright summer study program „Leaders in Entrepreneurship“ at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia

  • Target audience: Bachelor students of technology and engineering
  • Duration: August 25 to September 16, 2023
  • Application:  February 22, 2023 directly via Fulbright

Fulbright summer study program „Diversity Initiative“ at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

  • Target audience: Bachelor students with migration background of all study programs
  • Duration: August 17 to September 16, 2023
  • Application: February 22, 2023 directly via Fulbright

currently not available

Winter schools

currently not available

currently not available

currently not available

(Research) internships by country

currently no internships available

currently no internships available

TEEP: Taiwan Experience Education Program

These are short-term professional internships organized by Taiwanese universities and colleges. The program offers students internships in companies or lab internships at the respective universities. The partner universities of the University of Stuttgart are also participating in the program.

RISE – DAAD research internships in science and engineering

  • The program is aimed at bachelor’s degree students of natural sciences, life sciences, and engineering

  • The duration of the internships is between one and a half and three months

  • The internships take place in summer during the lecture-free period

  • Researchers from accredited university institutes and research institutions around the world offer internship projects

  • The working language is usually English

  • The DAAD helps students to find internship placements and supports them with a scholarship

Internships abroad in science and engineering via IAESTE Germany

Internships and volunteer projects via AIESEC


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