Information about regular childcare, emergency care, and vacation care for students.

Childcare service of the Studierendenwerk and Stups e.V.

The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart (a non-profit organization for student affairs) and Stups e.V. [de] (the simulation center of the Klinikum in Stuttgart) offer places for regular childcare in their own daycare facilities in Stuttgart, Esslingen, and Ludwigsburg, preferably for children aged 6 months to 3 years and for children aged 3 to 6 years . Enrolled undergraduate and doctoral students, who are also paying lower fees, are given preference for the allocation of places. Please note that these are places funded by public authorities, meaning that you have to live in Stuttgart, Esslingen, or Ludwigsburg. You can register your child right at the daycare center. If there are no free places available, you will be put on the waiting list of the respective facility. You will then receive the final confirmation from the administration of the daycare centers.

Please note that, in addition to the above-mentioned places that are funded by public authorities, there are extra places for children of employees of the University of Stuttgart at Kinderhaus Pfaffenwald (see “regular childcare for employees”).

Studierendenwerk Stuttgart Childcare Flyer [de]

Childcare in and around Stuttgart

In addition to the subsidized offers from the University of Stuttgart and the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, you should also inquire about other options for regular childcare in and around Stuttgart:

Daycare centers in and around Stuttgart

You can use the online tool “KiTS”, which is offered by the City of Stuttgart, to find childcare services [de] in Stuttgart for children up to 14 years of age. Using “KiTS”, more than 500 municipal and independent providers can be listed according to criteria such as city district, age of the child, and types of childcare service. If the daycare center is operated by a municipal provider or by the Catholic or Evangelical Church, it is also possible to send a requirement message directly to the daycare facility, for a maximum of 10 selected childcare services. As a rule, daycare centers take in new children at the beginning of a kindergarten year - a kindergarten year is from 1 September to 31 August. If you are looking for a place for the new kindergarten year, starting from 1 September, it is important that you have registered your child by 15 February of the current year.

Please note: The City of Stuttgart provides information on the deductibility of childcare costs [de] on its website.

The umbrella organization of the parent-child groups [de] in Stuttgart provides information about the numerous parent-child initiatives in Stuttgart.

The City of Böblingen uses an electronic pre-registration procedure [de] for the allocation of places in all municipal and in some independent and church daycare centers. The kindergarten year begins after the summer break, in late August / early September. Positive answers will be sent out starting from late February.

The City of Esslingen gives an overview of childcare services [de] on its website. Under “Downloads”, you can find important information on daycare centers in Esslingen, (pre-)registration, fees, and the house rules.

There is a single application procedure [de] for more than 70 daycare centers in Ludwigsburg that are operated by various institutions / providers. Parents should register their children no earlier than one year before the desired admission. For the allocation of places beginning in mid-March, applications by 15 February will be considered.

Childminding in and around Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, childminding [de] is publicly funded and promoted. The youth welfare office has commissioned two independent organizations to advise and support parents in their search for a childminder, and to continue with their advice and assistance after a suitable childminder has been found:

You can find more information in the brochure “Childminding in Stuttgart”[de].

Please note: The City of Stuttgart provides information on the deductibility of childcare costs [de] on its website.

As part of the TAKKI program, the city of Böblingen subsidizes daycare for small children under three years of age. The Verein Tages- und Pflegeeltern e.V. Kreis Böblingen [de](registered association of childminders and foster parents in the Böblingen district) gives advice on this topic.

In Esslingen, the Tageselternverein Kreis Esslingen e. V. [de] (registered association of childminders in the Esslingen district) gives personal advice and finds a suitable and qualified daycare professional for your child. The childminder will look after your child either in their own home or on other suitable premises (Neckarzwerge Childminding and Zwergenhaus Childminding). In addition, the childminders’ association can also find you a nanny, who will look after your children in your own home.

The City of Ludwigsburg supports the care of young children by childminders[de]. The advice center of the City of Ludwigsburg provides information about childcare services for young children.

In addition, there are the “Kindernester“ [de] (“children's nests”) in Ludwigsburg, where childminders look after toddlers on premises specially designed for this purpose.

The Landesverband Kindertagespflege Baden-Wuerttemberg e.V. [de] (registered state association for childminding in Baden-Wuerttemberg) informs parents, childminders, businesses, and municipalities about publicly funded childcare in the federal state.

Impressions from daycare centers

Flexible childcare provided by the University of Stuttgart

Note: Emergency care is unfortunately only possible to a limited extent due to staff shortages. Please inquire directly with our cooperating companies (pme Familienservice) by phone at 0800/801007080 whether care can be provided.

Despite the fact that childcare services are available on a regular basis, parents often face the challenge of an exceptional situation, for example when the childcare worker is absent due to illness. For this reason, the University of Stuttgart has been offering an emergency childcare service for students and staff of the university since 2007. The service is available at short notice, in the event that there is a need for childcare that couldn’t be planned in advance.

Flexible childcare at the University of Stuttgart includes:

  • Emergency childcare in daycare facilities and at home in the event that regular childcare has been canceled at short notice (for staff and students)
  • Childcare during events, further training, and recruitment procedures (for institutes)
  • Finding flexible childcare services for other purposes (for staff and students at their own expense)

Emergency childcare is a free offer by the University of Stuttgart for its employees and students on two days per semester in the event that regular childcare has been canceled at short notice. It usually takes place in daycare facilities. Exceptions, i.e. additional childcare or emergency childcare at home (for example in case of illness of the child or evening events), are possible if there is a compulsory event or an urgent, official interest.

You can find more information in the leaflet “Emergency childcare service in the event of a short-term bottleneck”[de].

Parents of sick children please also note the leaflet “Emergency childcare service when your child is sick”[de].

Generally, institutions of the University of Stuttgart can book flexible childcare during events, further training, and recruitment procedures at their own expense via the cooperation agreement. There is an annual quota for events relating to the university as a whole.

You can find more information in the leaflet “Childcare during events, further training, and recruitment procedures”[de].

Flexible childcare for other purposes at one’s own expense is an additional service in cases where the immediate reconciliation of work, university studies, and family life is not the key issue.

Vacation care of the university

Vacation camp for kids
Vacation camp for kids
Vacation camp for kids

“Stuttgart Research Vacations” for schoolchildren (aged 6 to 12 years)

Since 2004, the Uni & Familie service has been organizing the “Stuttgart Research Vacations” for the children of students, visiting scientists, and full-time employees. The “Stuttgart Research Vacations” are aimed at children aged 6 to 12 years as well as their siblings aged 4 years or older, giving them the opportunity to engage in exciting, creative, and meaningful activities during school vacations. The “Stuttgart Research Vacations” take place for one week each in the Easter, Pentecost, and fall breaks, and for three weeks during the summer break.

The “Stuttgart Research Vacations” have been carried out in long-term cooperation by the Konzept-e für Bildung und Soziales GmbH for the University of Stuttgart, the five Stuttgart Fraunhofer institutes, and, since very recently, also for the Stuttgart Media University. We want to make it easier for students to reconcile their university studies or work with family life, while at the same time offering the children stimulating activities, new friends, and lots of things to discover and explore.

You can get an impression of the diverse activities from which the children can choose in this exemplary weekly program [de]. Twice a day, the children decide in a “research conference” what activity they want to do next.

If your children aged 6 to 12 years (siblings from 4 years) would like to take part in our "Stuttgart Research Vacations", please register them online using the link provided with the respective offer. The registration, organization, and realization is done by Konzept-e GmbH. Konzept-e GmbH is responsible for the associated data processing.

If you have any questions about the registration or how the research vacation is organized, please contact

Benjamin Janson
Tel. +49 711 656 96048

Dates: 02.04. – 05.04.2024
Time: from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day
Address: Freie Element-i Grundschule Stuttgart, Breitwiesenstraße 8, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany
Fee per child: EUR 85 plus catering costs EUR 45 
Registration deadline: 1 March 2024

Fee per child: 
Registration deadline: 

Fee per child per week: 
Please note:
Registration deadline: 

1. The above-mentioned fees for vacation care only apply to children of full-time employees (including visiting scientists) and students of the University of Stuttgart, and only if the employment relationship or enrollment at the University of Stuttgart still exists at the time of the vacation care. If you do not belong to this target group (e.g. as an adjunct professor or because your employment ends before the date of the vacation care), the service is available to you in principle, but only at a significantly higher price. If you are in any doubt as to whether your child can participate under the terms above, please contact us before registering your child.

2. If you are a member of a Collaborative Research Center, a Research Training Group, a research group, or a Priority Program (SPP), please check the category "Coordinated programs of the DFG".

University sports vacation weeks for children and adolescents (aged 8-15 years)

In cooperation with the Uni & Familie service, the university sports at the University of Stuttgart offers a sportive vacation program for the children of students and full-time employees since 2016. This year the vacation program will be expanded and take place not only during the summer break, but also in the Easter, Pentecost, and fall breaks.

Due to lack of staff, this program is cancelled in 2023.

Other vacation care services in and around Stuttgart

There are other vacation programs in and around Stuttgart that staff and students of the university can use. The cities and municipalities often have their own vacation offers that are not recorded centrally. Please check on the website of your city or municipality.

Please note: Many daycare centers offer a vacation care service in addition to regular childcare, especially for young children.

On the website “Vacation care and summer camps”[de], you can find an overview of vacation care services in Stuttgart. In addition, the City of Stuttgart lists numerous vacation programs for children aged 6 to 12 years on the portal “Ferien in Stuttgart” [de] (“vacation in Stuttgart”).

Vacation programs in Stuttgart include:

The City of Esslingen presents an overview of the vacation care services in Esslingen [de]. The Stadtjugendring Esslingen e.V. (registered umbrella association of urban youth organizations in Esslingen) and the Kreisjugendring Esslingen e.V. (registered umbrella association of youth organizations in the Esslingen district) give an overview of vacation care programs on the portal “Ferien in Esslingen” [de] (“vacation in Esslingen”). During the summer break, some kindergartens provide a single, shared vacation care service; please register your child with the Office for Training, Education and Care [de].

There is an annual brochure about childcare in Filderstadt. Information about vacation care can be obtained from the Office for Family, Schools and Associations, Constanze Traub, phone: 0711/7003-210.


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