Employment Agency Stuttgart - Academic Careers Team

The Academic Careers Team provides advice on questions concerning the choice of degree programs and possible alternative options, career entry, labor market, and training opportunities.

The counseling and placement experts of the Academic Careers Team support prospective students, students and graduates in the following areas:

  • Degree program orientation
  • Change of degree program and dropping out of university
  • Choice of a postgraduate degree program and vocational training
  • Application procedures, employee selection and career entry
  • Job search and employment market orientation
  • Vocational education opportunities

The counseling interviews will take place both at the Employment Agency Stuttgart and the University of Stuttgart.

„Career“ Events:

The Academic Careers Team offers events regarding career planning and invites you to:

  • work on your application strategies,
  • practice and improve your presentation skills, self-marketing, goal setting and goal achievement, as well as your competency enhancement or
  • consider starting your own business.
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