Re-registration and re-registration suspension

In order to continue your studies in the next semester, you must re-register during the re-registration period.

You will automatically remain a member of the university if you transfer the semester fee and, if applicable, the tuition fee on time and there are no other reasons for deregistration. The re-registration period takes place during the following dates each year:

  • For the summer semester: January 15 to February 15
  • For the winter semester: July 15 to August 15

If you have not paid the total amount or have not paid it in full by the end of the re-registration period, you will be charged a late fee in addition to the semester fee and, if applicable, the tuition fee. 


Re-registration suspension

Under certain circumstances, you will see an application entitled "My re-registration suspension" in your C@MPUS account. A re-registration suspension will prevent you from being re-registered in the next semester and may result in de-registration.

Please make sure that these suspensions are resolved as quickly as possible!

The most common causes of re-registration suspension:

The are two main causes are:

  •  The confirmation of your health insurance remains open. Please check your health insurance information.
  • Delayed payments to your health insurance company, can also cause your re-registration to be suspended.

Please contact your health insurance provider. Once this issue has been clarified, your health insurance provider will transmit your current insurance status to us electronically.

Information about health insurance

There are also two main causes here:

  • There is an outstanding payment that has not been paid to the University of Stuttgart.
    This means that you have not paid you fees or have not paid them in full. You can find the amount due in the C@MPUS application "My payments".
  •  There is still an outstanding payment with Stuttgart University Library
    In this case, please contact the University Library and settle any outstanding fees. When you have done this, please send proof of payment to the Students' Affairs division using the contact form, so that we can remove the suspension.

This suspension means that you have not yet completed your preliminary internship, or that this has not yet been recorded by the Internship Office. Please contact the internship office responsible for your study program.

All study programs

Student teachers in combination with art and music are enrolled at two universities. This re-registration suspension shows us that the enrollment certificate from the art or music university is missing. We can only approve your re-registration when we have this certificate.

In this case, you were enrolled under the condition that you submit certain documents (e.g. your Bachelor's degree certificate in the case of admission-restricted Master's programs) or upload them in C@MPUS. The deadline for this is stated in your admission letter. Please read this carefully.



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