Sexual harassment

The university management has appointed official contact persons to handle cases of sexual discrimination, harassment or assault. Any information you might wish to share with them will be treated confidentially. They are there to discuss possible courses of action and to inform you about where you can find support.


What exactly is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advances – even if they don’t involve physical touch. Crucial is how the behavior is perceived by the person in question. If you would like to talk about a situation of this nature to find out what you can do about behavior that you perceived to be harassment, please contact one of the official contacts listed above or another counselling service (see our guidelines for those affected). Anything told in confidence will remain strictly confidential and we will only take action if you wish for us to do so.

Information about dealing with instances of sexual harassment

Further contact possibilities in case of discrimination


This picture showsChristine dos Santos Costa
Dipl. Ing.

Christine dos Santos Costa

Head of Mechanical Engineering Center - contact person for general questions about study programs in the field of mechanical engineering

This picture showsKlaus Dirnberger

Klaus Dirnberger

Academic Director

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