Faculties and institutes

Your study program is assigned to a faculty. The teaching staff / lecturers may come from various institutes and departments.


A faculty is the basic organizational unit of research and teaching at a university. It includes the combination of individual institutes to a higher-level department as well as one or more study programs. The faculties are responsible for science, research, and teaching. With your enrollment, you, too, become a member of a faculty. In bachelor's programs with major and minor, you belong to the faculty of your major subject. In the university elections, you have the right to vote and the right to stand as a candidate at this faculty.


At an institute, people research, teach, and study with regard to a specific subject area. Professors, academic and non-academic staff as well as student assistants belong to an institute. Here you can find, in most cases,

  • the secretary's or administrative office of a Chair,
  • some of the course rooms,
  • the offices of the lecturers and other members of the institute,
  • laboratories, student laboratories, PC rooms,
  • and a library.


Institutes are often divided into departments. A department is headed by a professor, and the members of the institute are assigned to one department. Some departments have their own secretary's or administrative office. It may therefore be relevant for you to know which department your lecturer belongs to when submitting your term papers or theses.

Faculties and institutes of the University of Stuttgart

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