Preparatory course

Before the start of a study program, there are various preparatory courses to make it easier for you to begin your university studies.

MINT-Kolleg (STEM College): Mathematics, computer science, physics, and chemistry

For new students, the MINT-Kolleg of the University of Stuttgart offers preparatory courses in mathematics, computer science, physics, and chemistry. Participation is recommended for all new students of science, engineering, and economics study programs (preparatory course in mathematics). The preparatory courses impart subject matter taught in school, refreshed and supplemented from a university point of view. The lectures and exercises are supplemented by online components or accompanying materials. In addition, the preparatory courses are a good opportunity to get to know the university and your fellow students before starting your studies.
Courses start in September, right before the winter semester. Each of the preparatory courses can be booked individually.

MINT-Kolleg preparatory courses [de]

Humanities preparatory course
(Geisteswissenschaftliches Propädeutikum)

Likewise, there is a preparatory course of the Faculty of Humanities for new students of the following study programs: English, History, Art History, and Philosophy/Ethics.

Humanities preparatory course

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