Technology Transfer Initiative GmbH (TTI) at the University of Stuttgart

The TTI GmbH provides information on company establishment, e.g. the design of a business plan, access to federal or state funds, use of university resources as well as the establishment of a transfer and founding company under the aegis of the TTI.

The TTI GmbH is a central point of contact for company founders at the University of Stuttgart and neighboring research facilities. The consulting team offers information and business advice on all topics dealing with starting your own business and will serve as your central contact during the entire founding period.

Possible topics include: 

  • Exploring the business idea
  • Financing issues
  • Legal issues
  • Funding programs
  • Design/review of a business plan
  • Contact with network partners
  • Connection to sponsors
  • Access to university resources
  • TGU Transfer and Founding Company as a foundation for a successful startup
  • ‘Seed rooms’, i.e. inexpensive workplaces

Transfer and Founding Company (TGU): By establishing a transfer and founding company under the aegis of the TTI, projects can be launched with minimum risk. As a special service, the TTI GmbH will be responsible for all of the legal, financial and human resource management obligations as well as the administrative review of proposals and contracts.

Seed rooms: Inexpensive seed rooms are available in the Technology Center of the University of Stuttgart. In the period preceding the actual business foundation, in which the business idea is developed (max. 12 months), you will benefit from your own company address and an inspiring working atmosphere. Please feel free to contact us!

Events: The TTI organizes multiple events on business foundation and is always open to suggestions. 

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