University Sports

University Sports (AHS) is a service provided for students and staff at the University of Stuttgart, as well as at the other universities and institutions taking part. In addition to a huge array of low-cost sport and fitness offerings, from aikido to zumba, the AHS also holds a variety of events such as the annual Campus Run.

The University Sports offers you a wide and varied sporting program across the six different categories of individual sports, fit and healthy, combat sports, sports games, outdoor & excursions and dance. More than 100 different sports, from A for aikido to Z for zumba, mean there’s sure to be something for everybody! If you’re looking for a partner to play your favorite sport with, the AHS sports buddy scheme gives you a chance to find like-minded people.

With the running tracks at the Campus Vaihingen and Campus City Center as well as the fitness and weights room at Allmandring, you can also get active outside of the sports classes, whether in your lunch hour or after lectures.

Other offers from AHS:

  • Various events such as e.g. the annual Campus Run in the summer semester and the Sports Night in the winter semester
  • FamilieAktiv, active and varied offers for the whole family, such as e.g. the family snow trip or the holiday care scheme for children and teenagers
  • Student and workplace health promotion

University Sports

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