In cases of discrimination, especially for reasons of racism or because of ethnic origin or religious and ideological identity, you can contact the contact person for anti-discrimination.

The University of Stuttgart ensures that no one is excluded from or hindered on their way to a scientific career because of non-scientific factors. Should you nevertheless have observed or experienced harassment, deprivation, or any other form of discrimination and would like to seek advice or raise a complaint, you will find support and assistance here.

Who can you contact?

The contact person for anti-discrimination will be there for you especially in the case of discrimination on grounds of racism, ethnic origin, or religious and ideological identity. She is obliged to maintain confidentiality. In other cases of discrimination, other authorities will support you.

What forms of support does the university offer?

You can seek advice and/or raise a complaint in writing.

  1. Confidential advice: The university office will keep matters confidential and assist you, if necessary, with the written complaint. The following questions will help you to prepare for the consultation:
    • What happened when and where?
    • What makes you think that this is a case of discrimination?
    • Who can confirm your statements?
    • What have you or another person already done about it or what else would you like to do?
    • What support would you like to receive from the complaints office? From others?
    • What's not supposed to happen?
    • What other support options do you use or have you already used? What experiences did you have in the process?
  2. Written complaint: You can lodge a written complaint with the relevant complaints office. The latter will determine the facts and take further steps in case of misconduct (notification to the Rector and, where required, necessary measures).

All other questions concerning the handling of cases of discrimination as well as sexual harassment and sexualized violence at the university are regulated by a corresponding guideline.  

Selected legal bases

Further contact possibilities on discrimination and harassment

A university free of discrimination

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Contact Person for Anti-Discrimination

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