Degree Program Managers

The Degree Program Managers are in charge of the quality assurance of the single degree programs. They ensure the implementation of examination regulations and module handbooks by coordinating the curricula of the different degree programs and maintain a regular flow of information within the department.

Every faculty has a Degree Program Manager. In some degree programs, the Degree Program Managers also serve as Student Advisors and provide advice and support on the following topics: 

  • Prerequisites, e.g. pre-study placements or languages used or formally required in the degree program
  • Study structure and individual study organization, as well as electives and key qualifications
  • Deadlines (internships, proof of language proficiency, examinations)
  • Module handbooks and examination regulations
  • Recognition of achievements abroad
  • Change of degree programs; evidence of consultation in case of change of degree programs after the third semester
  • Career prospects
  • Examination planning (examination registration, withdrawal, re-examinations)

List of Degree Program Managers and Student Advisors

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