Mechanical Engineering Center (MEC), Joint Commission Mechanical Engineering (GKM) at the University of Stuttgart

You are interested in the Mechanical Engineering programs at the faculties 4 and 7? Our contact persons at the Mechanical Engineering Center will answer questions about the degree program, changing degree programs, placement in a higher semester, examinations, or mentoring.

The GKM is a joint organization of the two Mechanical Engineering Faculties (4 and 7) at the University of Stuttgart, and cooperates with these two faculties in the administration of 27 Bachelor and Master programs in the field of Mechanical Engineering. These include e.g.: Automotive and Engine Engineering, Chemistry and Bioengineering, Energy Technology, Engineering Cybernetics, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Process Engineering, Renewable Energies, Technical Biology, Technology Management, as well as further specialized international or online Master programs in the areas of Mechanical Engineering and Photonic Engineering. 

The Mechanical Engineering Center is the service facility of the Joint Commission Mechanical Engineering (GKM) at the University of Stuttgart, and your contact point for all study and teaching related matters such as:

  • Questions about the degree program
  • Questions about the admission procedure, change of degree programs or placement in a higher semester (important note: the primary responsibility for these matters lies with the Admissions Office and the Examination Board)
  • Applications to the Examination Boards for Mechanical Engineering / Automotive and Engine Engineering (e.g. concerning withdrawal from examinations etc.) and further administrative matters
  • Studying with a child
  • Lecture series Mechanical Engineering
  • Mentoring programs for freshmen and foreign students
  • Quality assurance in teaching matters



Gemeinsame Kommission Maschinenbau der Universität Stuttgart

Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart, Mechanical Engineering Center (Studienbüro): Room 5.220 and 5.222

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