Contact Persons for the Degree Programs

All degree programs provide contact persons for the students, fulfilling different tasks within the degree program and the faculty.

Academic Advisors

The Academic Advisors will help you with all questions on study organization, examinations and deadlines.

Program Managers

The Program Managers are in charge of the quality assurance of the single degree programs. They are responsible for all aspects of study organization and ensure the implementation of examination regulations.

Heads of the Examination Committees

The Heads of the Examination Committees are responsible for decisions about deadline extensions, some withdrawals, as well as compensations for disadvantages.

Deans of Studies

Deans of Studies provide guidance to students with questions about study regulations and the curriculum, or who have problems graduating within the standard period of study.

Student Counseling Center (ZSB)

The Student Counseling Center provides information and advice on almost all study-related issues and questions.

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