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Possibility to download certificates and transcripts in PDF format

This application is an extension of the appliaction My Certificates and provides you with the possibility to download various confirmations of achievements in PDF format.

C@MPUS application "Further Transcripts"

Transcript / Certificate

In the first section Transcript / Certificate you can click on the printer symbol in the first column to download a Transcript of record (only positive results). The transcript only contains the exams you have successfully taken with grades and ECTS points.

By clicking on the printer symbol under the column "Services rendered so far", a document opens which contains your passed modules, ECTS points and your intermediate grade.

Confirmations of Achievement

More information on the available documents under section Confirmations of Achievements can be found on the web page My Certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

After unenrollment has been completed, a proof of unenrollment is provided in the first section of application My Certificates.



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