Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor of Science 

Standard Period of Study: 6 semesters
Teaching Language: German
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Exam regulations: the basis of my studies

The exam regulation is only availabe in German since it is an official document.
The examination regulations (in German: Prüfungsordnungen) include a survey of the required modules.

Aerospace Engineering – Bachelor of Science

The exam regulations are the basis for your university studies and provide you with all legal regulations concerning examinations and give an overview of the modules to be taken.

Please turn to the German website for the official documents.

Information from the study program

The audit committee is responsible for ensuring that the terms of the examination regulations are adhered to. It is responsible for decisions on examination matters in the aerospace engineering and geodesy degree programs. The audit committee can only make decisions within the framework of the examination regulations. There is therefore no leeway in matters that are clearly regulated in the examination regulations.

Office hours

The audit committee's office hours are held by appointment.

Please send your inquiries with the relevant documents currently by e-mail to:

For a phone call about your request, please submit a phone number in your request per email so that we can reach out to you.

The institutes involved in the study program are responsible for the examinations taking place in the respective semester. You will therefore always receive information on the exam details directly from the responsible institute.

  • Examinations can only be registered for in the respective semester via the online portal C@MPUS during the registration period specified by the Examinations Office; without registration via C@MPUS, participation in examinations is excluded.
  • Study achievements (graded and ungraded) must also be registered in C@MPUS during this period.
  • There is no automatic registration for exams in the next semester if the exam was not passed in the previous semester.
  • The Examinations Office cannot accept any registrations after the registration period, so subsequent examination registrations with the Examinations Office are excluded.
    Examination registration always takes place in the semester in which the examination is also taken. Please note this especially for modules that are spread over several semesters.

The study assessment test (German: Orientierungsprüfungen) is intended to check the decision to study in order to be able to correct any wrong decisions without losing too much time. They must be passed by the beginning of the lecture period of the 3rd semester, at the latest (incl. possible examination repetitions) by the beginning of the lecture period of the 4th semester, otherwise the examination entitlement expires.

The following modules are required:

  • Applied Mechanics I
  • Design I (Aerospace Engineering) consistig of Technical Drawing I and Elements of Mechanical Design

According to § 6, paragraph 1 of the Study and examination regulations of the University of Stuttgart for the Bachelor's degree program in Aerospace Engineering dated July 18, 2019, the deadline for taking the Study Assessment Test of the person to be examined can be extended by the audit committee for reasons for which the person is not responsible. To do so, submit a written request (form below) by e-mail to


The bachelor's degree program is completed with the Bachelor's thesis. 

The Bachelor's thesis should demonstrate the student's ability to work independently on a task from the field of the degree program within a given period of time using scientific methods and to present the results in an appropriate manner.

  • 12 ECTS points are acquired with the Bachelor's thesis.
  • The topic of the Bachelor's thesis can be issued at the earliest when at least 102 ECTS credits have been acquired.
  • The deadline for writing the Bachelor's thesis is four months, but can be extended by a maximum of two months in total upon application by the audit committee.
  • Part of the bachelor thesis is a presentation of 20-30 minutes duration

According to § 27, paragraph 5 (Bachelor LRT, PO 2019), the processing period can be extended by the audit committee by a maximum of 2 months in total upon request of the person to be examined for reasons for which he/she is not responsible. To do so, submit a written request (form below) by e-mail to

How do I find a Bachelor's thesis?

You can write your Master's thesis either at an institute of Faculty 6 or externally (e.g. in a company). With the latter option, however, you must arrange for an examining person from our faculty. Besides the possibility to apply for a thesis on your own initiative, some institutes have also advertised some topics.

You can withdraw from your exams via C@MPUS up to seven days before the exam date. A statement of reasons is not required. This does not apply in the case of an LBP (course-accompanyingexamination), which can only be withdrawn from during the examination registration period.

At a later date, the application must be submitted to the examination board with a valid reason (no motivation, no time, concentration problems, etc. are not valid reasons!). In case of illness, please attach a medical certificate or submit it within three working days.

Please send the request for withdrawal including reasons and, if necessary, a medical certificate by e-mail to and then send it by mail to the chairman of the audit committee (see above for address).

According to §9 of the current examination regulations for the Bachelor's degree program in Aerospace Engineering, a pre-study internship of at least six weeks must be completed by the start of lectures in the 1st semester. This deadline can be extended by way of exception if the pre-study internship could not be completed for compelling reasons.

Please refer to the website of the Internship Department for more detailed information.

Extensions of the deadline beyond the second semester are only possible in cases of absolute hardship (e.g. illness, thus a small part of the pre-study internship could not be completed, or similar). For this purpose, a written application with detailed justification and corresponding evidence must be submitted to the audit committee ( after consultation with the internship department.

The Examinations Office is generally responsible for organizing examinations. If you have any questions regarding exam registration, exam withdrawal, exam regulations, sick leave and the like, you should contact them.

The guidelines serve to create an agreed-upon procedure within the faculty for exam review.

Contact for further questions

Michael Reyle

Dr. rer. nat.

Academic Employee, Program Manager Aerospace Engineering

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Christian Koch


Manager Altitude Test Facility, Academic advisor, deputy head of the institute

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Student Counseling Center

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