Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor of Science 

Standard Period of Study: 6 semesters
Teaching Language: German
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Studying abroad: what opportunities does my study program offer?

Are you a student from abroad interested in studying aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart? We maintain numerous discipline-specific contacts with foreign universities and other research institutions. For an initial overview of our partner institutions, programs, and financial aid opportunities, we recommend starting with a visit to the student website.


For general questions regarding a study-abroad stay, please contact the University of Stuttgart’s International Office. You will find answer to the most frequently asked questions in the “ERASMUS Incomings FAQ”.


ERASMUS office appointments

Jose Rodrigo Imeri Vargas
Student Assistant

Wednesday, 12:00 - 14:30pm  - or by arrangement

Tel. +49 711 685-65767
Send an e-mail 


Yes. However, a prerequisite for applying is the existence of a bilateral agreement between your department at your home university and the aerospace engineering department at the University of Stuttgart. In addition, you will need to be nominated by the responsible ERASMUS departmental  coordinator at your home university.

Yes. To do so, however you must find a project supervisor in one of our Institutes before arriving here (better yet, even before you apply). You will normally find some potential topics and contacts for each posted on the institute web sites.  . In addition, however, it is feasible to agree on individualized topics. To do so, also please contact the respective work groups. When doing so, you will help your cause if you will attach some information about topics you are interested in what you know to your inquiry.

The language of instruction is German. Only a few courses are taught in English. Sufficient knowledge of German is therefore necessary for attending classes. You can refresh existing language skills in an intensive "German as a foreign language" class offered by the International Office of the University of Stuttgart. Normally, a project study or the dissertation can also be written in English, but this must be agreed upon with responsible supervisor ahead of time.

You will find the complete University of Stuttgart lecture catalog in the C@MPUS lecture data base. Also available for the B.Sc.- and M.Sc.-study program in aerospace engineering are  Module handbooks that you can download in .pdf format.

In addition, you will find a list of English-language lectures for exchange students; please update the term to your current one. Please feel free to adjust the filter "curriculum" to "Aerospace Engineering B.Sc." or "Aerospace Engineering M.Sc." 

Normally, you do not need to register for lectures. That said, occasionally individual lectures can only accommodate a limited number of attendees. In that case, we recommend registering ahead of time, as otherwise attendance may not be possible. Details on attendance limits and the respective contacts are found in the C@ampus System. Please keep in mind, that signing up for examinations in a timely manner (several weeks in advance) is an absolute necessity. You can do this verbally or in writing with the respective instructor.

Signing up for examinations in a timely manner (several weeks in advance) is mandatory. Unlike regularly enrolled students, the ERASMUS student registers either verbally or in writing with the respective instructor. Especially if not an entire module but only a part of a module is to be the subject of the exam or taking an exam at the regularly scheduled date is not feasible, it is highly recommended to let the instructor know early (ideally at the start of classes). That will allow clarifying if an exam is even feasible.

Oral exams are held by individual arrangement and typically take between 20 and 30 minutes. The requirements of the sending institution must already be made explicit when arranging a time for the exam and they must also be communicated to the departmental secretary’s office. To arrange an appointment, please contact the ILA secretary’s office by e-mail with a brief statement of your request and a cell phone number where you can be reached on short notice. In case of any remaining questions concerning the exchange, the first step is always to consult ERASMUS Counseling.

Normally, your home university will hand you a pre-filled form for this purpose. Our ERASMUS departmental coordinator is responsible for providing this certification. To have the start or finish of your ERASMUS stay certified, please set up an appointment with your ERASMUS departmental coordinator and bring the relevant form with you.

After passing an exam, you request from and will be issued a signed, stamped exam certificate by the respective proctor. For the transcript of records, set up an appointment with your assigned ERASMUS departmental coordinator. At the appointed time, bring with you all exam certificates. Please be aware that preparing the transcript will take some time. Should the transcript have to be issued after your departure, it will be mailed to your home university or your residential address.

Contact for further questions

Michael Reyle

Dr. rer. nat.

Academic Employee, Program Manager Aerospace Engineering

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Christian Koch


Manager Altitude Test Facility, Academic advisor, deputy head of the institute

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Student Counseling Center

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