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Die Sonne scheint hinter dem Gerüst einer Dachkonstruktion hervor.

Master of Business Engineering (study while working) 

International Construction: Practice and Law

Master:Online, study while working

Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: English

How is the program structured?

The duration of the program is four semesters (two years) with part-time attendance in the first three semesters (three days per month, Thursday to Saturday). In the fourth semester students have to do their master's thesis with occasional meetings at university.

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Structure of the program. .
Structure of the program.

The Module Guide describes the modules and the required courses belonging to the module.

  • The Module Guide (also called module handbook) is published in the Campus Management System C@MPUS [de] (please click as follows: choose the degree - click on the book behind the study program's name).


This picture showsNatalie Auch
M. Sc.

Natalie Auch

akademische Mitarbeiterin

This picture showsFabian Geppert
M. Sc.

Fabian Geppert

akademischer Mitarbeiter

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