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Die Sonne scheint hinter dem Gerüst einer Dachkonstruktion hervor.

Master of Business Engineering (study while working) 

International Construction: Practice and Law

Master:Online, study while working

Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: English

Exam regulations: the basis of my studies

The exam regulation is only availabe in German since it is an official document.
The examination regulations (in German: Prüfungsordnungen) include a survey of the required modules.

International Construction: Practice and Law – Master of Engineering

Prüfungsordnung 1/21/15


This picture showsNatalie Auch
M. Sc.

Natalie Auch

akademische Mitarbeiterin

This picture showsFabian Geppert
M. Sc.

Fabian Geppert

akademischer Mitarbeiter

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