MIP batch 2019-2021 during an excursion

Infrastructure Planning (MIP)

Master of Science 

Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: English
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Studying abroad: what opportunities does my study program offer?

Because the MIP degree program is explicitly aimed at foreign students, it already constitutes a stay abroad for students. On average, a year group is made up of more than 15 nationalities and is also mixed in terms of subject background (architecture, civil engineering, etc.). This creates a wide range of opportunities for intercultural and interdisciplinary learning experiences during the course. For this reason, and also due to the recommended sequence of modules, no semesters abroad are planned.

Students can plan a stay abroad as part of their Master's thesis in the fourth semester if their topic requires it. A large proportion of graduates uses this opportunity to reintegrate in their home country or to pursue a career in the international field. 


This image shows Elke Schneider

Elke Schneider


Course Director MIP: Application / admission and all DAAD-issues

This image shows Marion Aschmann

Marion Aschmann


Course Director MIP

This image shows Markus Friedrich

Markus Friedrich

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Dean of Graduate Studies MIP and Course Coordinator

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