What are the reasons for unenrollment? How can I apply for it? What effects does my unenrollment have on my right of examination? The answers to those questions and others can be found here.

General Information

When students de-register, their university membership also expires.

The unenrollment usually comes into effect by the end of the semester in which it has been issued. A retrospective unenrollment is not possible. In special cases, the unenrollment can be pronounced with immediate effect (e.g. change of university).

After unenrollment has been completed, a notice of unenrollment is provided via C@MPUS. This should be promptly downloaded and printed. This notice of your study period and unenrollment is required for your pension insurance, for example, or in order to enroll at a different university. Only students who have been automatically de-registered will be sent notice of their unenrollment by post.

In the case of students who are subject to compulsory health insurance, the University has to notify the health insurance of the unenrollment. If you have received student loans, you must inform the L-Bank yourself.

The application for unenrollment can be filed at any time. The unenrollment comes into effect by the end of the semester.

You can also de-register with immediate effect in the course of the semester in case of:

  • Completion of studies (proven by a degree certificate or by a written confirmation by the Examination Office, the local office of the state examination board for teachers or the Examination Board)
  • Change of university in the current semester or in the following semester in case of differing semester dates (proven by the notification of admission from the new university)
  • Loss of examination claim (proven by a notification by the Examination Office or the Examination Boards)
  • Admission to a retraining or support program of the Federal Employment Agency (proven by an acceptance letter by the Federal Employment Agency)
  • Granting of social benefits or Hartz IV benefits (proven by a written confirmation by the Federal Employment Agency, the Job Center or a Social Security Office)
  • Nursing or care for the spouse or life partner, a direct relative or a first-degree relative by marriage who is in need of assistance according to the Federal Social Assistance Act (proven by a written confirmation by the health insurance company confirming the acceptance and assignment as carer)
  • Death of spouse/ life partner or first-degree relative (proven by the death certificate)
  • Commencement of employment or apprenticeship (proven by a copy of the employment contract)

If you wish to be de-registered with immediate effect, please submit your de-registration application with the above mentioned documents and your ECUS student ID to the Admissions Office.

Your unenrollment will come into effect when your completed unenrollment application (application, documents and ECUS student ID) have been submitted to the Admissions Office.

A student is de-registered ex officio by the end of the current semester if

  • the studies have been completed, unless a further registration has been requested in order to improve the final grade (complimentary attempt)
  • the admission has expired because the right to take examinations in the study program has been lost
  • the required fees and charges have not been paid in spite of reminders

A student can be de-registered ex officio if

  • the final examination has not been taken until the 20th semester. However, a hearing with the Dean of Student Affairs is scheduled before the de-registration
  • an exceptional case according to § 62 no. 3 LHG or § 60 no.2 and 3 LHG exists (e.g. a criminal offense)

Please note the exact wording of the notification of unenrollment. Should you be of the opinion that the unenrollment was unjustified, please contact the Admissions Office immediately. Please bring along all documents that certify that you are entitled to remain registered (e.g. proofs of payment etc.). The de-registration ex officio is generally irreversible.

If you are enrolled on a joint-honors study program and loose the right to attend the exams in one of your subjects, only this part of your study program will be terminated. This does not result in de-registration for the entire joint-honors study program. However, to graduate you must complete the entire study program.

You are not entitled to appeal against automatic unenrollment. It might be possible to contest the underlying cause (e.g. losing your right to attend the examinations). Please be aware of the relevant deadlines.

An automatic unenrollment can be changed to a unenrollment by application. To do this you must submit a unenrollment application with the relevant documents and your ECUS student ID to the Admissions Office.

Declining your place at university and cancelling your enrolment

You can decline your place and / or cancel your enrolment by 30 September (winter semester) or 31 March (summer semester), even if you have already paid your fees.
Your enrolment cannot be cancelled after 30 September or 31 March, respectively. However, under certain circumstances, it is still possible to de-register with immediate effect.

More information about how to decline your place, how to cancel your enrolment, and about reimbursement of fees can be found on the page:

Refund of fees and contributions

Unenrollment and Examination Right

The unenrollment does not end an existing examination procedure! Re-examinations have to be taken according to the currently valid examination regulations even if you have been de-registered; otherwise, the right to take examinations usually expires.

You do not have to be enrolled to take examinations. As soon as the last examination (last partial examination or final thesis) has been registered, you can de-register by the end of the current semester.

Further information is published on the re-registration website:

Unenrollment at the end of the study


Please send your application for unenrollment by post to the Admissions Office or as PDF via our contact form. The address is the following:

Universität Stuttgart
Dezernat 3  - Studium
Pfaffenwaldring 5c
70569 Stuttgart

The application for unenrollment can also be placed in the postbox of the House of Students, Pfaffenwaldring 5c, 70569 Stuttgart (university campus Vaihingen).

Contact form

Legal basis

  • Admissions and Enrollment Regulations of the University of Stuttgart
  • Landeshochschulgesetz Baden-Württemberg (LHG) (Higher Education Act)

Status as of February 2019 - The legal provisions currently in force shall apply.


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Admissions Office for Germans and Foreigners with German Education

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